Miley Cyrus grabbed by fan
photo: Getty Images

Even with a full team of security behind her, Miley Cyrus couldn't fend off an attacker in Barcelona. 

While the singer debuted her new music at Primavera Sound festival in Spain this weekend, she had an unfortunate moment with a grabby stranger. A fan shared the disturbing footage, and it was upsetting to say the least. 

Cyrus' new album, She Is Coming, dropped on May 31 and has received mixed reviews. Her latest installment of music diverges from her previous album Younger Now and returns back to a blend of pop, hip-hop, and rap

The artist performed her new music at a Barcelona festival, Primavera Sound. 

The star had an altogether enjoyable experience in the Spanish city and was happy to perform her new music there. "Pre Primavera! Thank you Barcelona for a night I will remember forever! #SHECAME," Cyrus wrote to her Instagram. She was joined by her husband (and personal photographer) Liam Hemsworth. 

The star attended a pre-festival party with a bunch of her fans. She was able to dance and sing along with fans to her highly anticipated, hyped-up new music. 

Her set was electric, and fans raved about her performance. 

She performed her new hit song "Mother's Daughter" on the Primavera Sound stage. A line in the song, "Don't f*** with my freedom," has become her latest mantra. She could have shouted it at the jerk who tried to grab her as she made her way through the packed crowd toward her car. 

Leaving her hotel with husband Liam Hemsworth, a stranger pulled her hair and kissed her face in this disturbing fan footage. 

The footage obtained by a fan in this Pop Siren tweet is deeply upsetting. The unruly crowd is already getting too close to the famous musician, and things take a dangerous turn when one stranger pulls her hair and grabs at her neck to kiss her face. During the commotion, her security peeled the man off her, and Hemsworth can be seen reaching around to get her out of harm's way. Obviously this is wildly inappropriate behavior, and it's so disturbing that it could happen to a celebrity or any woman for that matter. 

Hemsworth joined her on the international tour, but even he wasn't enough to fend off the attacker; neither was her team of security. 

Her usually goofy and playful husband had to get serious during the altercation, but before that, he was posting backstage photos of his wife about to perform. 

"Girls got talent. She might just make it...WOW to the awesome dude (me) for taking such an incredible photo. #husbandgoals ;)" Hemsworth captioned a photo of Cyrus on his Instagram. The proud husband stayed by Cyrus' side during her Barcelona trip to support the launch of her new music and to keep scary fans at bay. 

Cyrus' fans were livid at the attacker in the video. 

Smilers went off in the comments section on the attacker from the video. 

"Ugh if that guy is this horrible to a celebrity in front of all those people, I hate to see what he does with girls when others aren't around. There should be some sort of charge brought against him," one person wrote. It's especially disturbing to think that Cyrus, a woman with status and security, was handled in this way — what could happen to a woman without those kinds of privileges?

It was straight-up sexual harassment (attempted assault, even), and some people are calling for the man in the video to be sued. 

Cyrus was blatantly attacked by this man, and she certainly could take action against him if she wanted to. Multiple people commented on the video that she should do so. One person wrote, "I hope she finds him and sues him for sexual harassment." 

The singer hasn't made any comment on the issue, as she's too busy promoting her new music in typical Miley fashion. 

Cyrus is too preoccupied with her new album to worry about this hater and most likely brushed off the experience. In her latest promotional content Cyrus is seen taunting her followers to give her a call from a bizarre phone number that takes you to "Miley's Hotline" — a prerecorded message about her album. 

Her new album has mixed reviews, but fans are obsessed regardless.

In a review from Vulture, it's clear that Cyrus is continuing to jump from genre to genre and constantly reinvent her sound. However, it comes at a somewhat jumbled cost. Her music is consistently entertaining but altogether confusing, according to reviews.