Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato reconnected in an Instagram Live
photo: Splash News

Longtime friends Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato reconnected on an episode of Cyrus' new Instagram talk show, Bright Minded Live With Miley. 

The two talked about how they brought the light out in dark times in their lives, comparing it with the coronavirus crisis that is happening now. The two shared the love in their Instagram Live session and talked about their 15-year friendship. 

It was so sweet to see these two former Disney stars supporting and lifting each other in challenging times. Plus, Lovato and Cyrus shared their own experiences with feeling insecure and how they uplift themselves. 

Bright Minded is all about finding the light during dark times and features special guests. 

Cyrus is doing her part to keep people's spirits up in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. She started the daily Instagram Live talk show with an episode that included her therapist, and then an episode with Lovato. 

Cyrus and Lovato talked about their Disney days, keeping positive under difficult circumstances, and being there for each other no matter what.

Lovato revealed that when she wrote her song "Confident," she was actually in one of her most insecure phases, despite being a low weight and looking "healthy." She shared that she now feels her most confident and in control of herself. 

Lovato shared her tips for staying in a positive mindset, which included focusing only on the personal qualities that you like. Lovato and Cyrus shut down any negative self-talk. 

The two talked about being friends even in difficult times. 

Lovato and Cyrus opened up to one another that they are there for each other no matter what. After going through the Disney days together and growing up in the age of social media, Lovato and Cyrus can relate to each other's struggles. One person loved the message they shared and tweeted, "Demi and Miley talking about their friendship and reconciling and apologizing to each other for being distance in the past is so beautiful to me."

Plus, the two had an adorable moment with their puppies in the episode.

"Miley and Demi on IG Live with their dogs is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while," one fan tweeted after the live aired. The two former Disney stars are self-quarantining and keeping isolated, but at least they have their furry friends to keep them company —and the company of friends over FaceTime.

Both have struggled with elements of cancel culture.

The duo opened up about how social media is a positive and negative thing in their lives. Lovato felt immense pressure about sharing, because there is little forgiveness in the internet world. That is something Cyrus could very much relate to. One fan tweeted, "Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus talking about how some memes and cancel culture caused them mental health issues breaks my heart."

Cyrus is a huge fan of Lovato and is there to support her.

The longtime friends haven't always been super close, but they've always been supportive of each other. "Lovatic for Life !" Cyrus tweeted along with a video of her dancing along to Lovato's newest song "I Love Me." The singer-actor played her pal's new bop at the end of the episode, too. 

Watch Lovato's episode on Cyrus' new show and to get more advice on keeping things positive. 

Lovato and Cyrus seemed to relate on virtually everything, and it was great to see the two reconnect. Hopefully this friendship is just going to get stronger. Next up, Cyrus is featuring Amy Schumer and Love Is Blind couple Lauren and Cameron on her show.