For people like me who grew up in the late '90s and the early '00s, there are few things more riotously fun and nostalgic than the Disney Channel original movie High School Musical, which quickly became an international pop-culture phenomenon after its TV debut in January of 2006.

That might be thanks to the undeniably charming Zac Efron and his chemistry with Vanessa Hudgens. Their real-life relationship also catapulted them to the height of fame, where they both rest comfortably more than a decade later.

Another soft spot for '00s Disney fans? Hannah Montana, the hit series about a regular teen girl who's secretly a world-famous pop diva with a hidden identity. Miley Cyrus might be mostly famous for her music and her marriage to actor Liam Hemsworth these days, but we surely have the character of Hannah Montana to thank for Cyrus' rapid rise to stardom.

And in an alarmingly nostalgic turn of events, these two pop-culture sensations just had a reunion slash collaboration — well, kind of, I guess. Cyrus herself just shared a video of her going UP to the song from the High School Musical soundtrack, and it's so joyous it might make your entire day. Watch the clip below to see the most epic Disney throwback you'll ever experience.