It sure does look like Miley Cyrus married her long-time partner Liam Hemsworth on Sunday night. Photos and video posted on a friend's Instagram Story have fans 100% convinced the couple tied the knot in a quiet, casual home ceremony in Tennessee. Here are all the clues.

Conrad Jack Carr, a friend of the family, posted a few clips on Sunday night to his Instagram Story that definitely seemed like evidence of a low-key wedding. First of all, there's a photo of Cyrus and Hemsworth — dressed in a white dress and a tux — cutting a two-tiered cake together.

There are also lots of cupcakes, balloons, and champagne in the pic.

Another clip showed Hemsworth with his brothers taking shots in front of balloons that read "Mr. & Mrs." Suspicious...

liam hemsworth miley cyrus wedding
photo: @conradjackcarr / Instagram

The balloons showed up again in a shot of the youngest in the Cyrus bunch, Noah, who was dressed very casually for the event.

noah cyrus conrad carr
photo: @noahcyrus / Instagram

It appears that the party/wedding/whatever it was took place in the couple's Tennessee home with both of their families in attendance — and, honestly,  that sounds like the perfect little celebration.

So, let's look at the facts: There's a "Mr. & Mrs." sign, wedding attire, a two-tier cake, and both their families are there. If this isn't the actual wedding, then it has to be some sort of pre-wedding event, right?

Fans seem to be 100% convinced they tied the knot.

And, of course, they are sending them all the happiness in the world.

In case you forgot, Cyrus and Hemsworth started dating nearly a decade ago. They got engaged back in 2012, called off the engagement late in 2013, then reunited two years later. The two have definitely had their highs and lows, but what couple hasn't?

Ok, I'm officially sobbing. Just like Noah.

noah cyrus crying about mileys wedding
photo: @noahcyrus / Instagram