Miley Cyrus
photo: Getty Images

Miley Cyrus is the queen of tiny tattoos. Her arms are completely covered with them. 

I honestly don't know if there is an inch of uncovered skin on the singer's arms, but she definitely found some more space for an adorable little artwork. Recently, she and her new beau Cody Simpson got tattoos together, signifying that important next step in any celeb relationship. 

The singer has been sharing lots of throwbacks lately in honor of the holiday season, but she took a few minutes to show off her new ink on her Instagram Story. 

Miley Cyrus is all about change, and this skeleton could mean that she's in a new phase of her life. 

Cyrus shared this photo teasing what her new ink would look like. The adorable and girly skeleton inspiration features a massive crown atop its skull. Plus, a giant heart is in its bony chest. 

Then she shared a close-up look of the delicate new ink.

The little tattoo looked just like the drawing and fits in on Cyrus' canvas perfectly. The 27-year-old's arms are covered in quotes, lifelike depictions of her pets, and symbols of her resilience and personality. This little skeleton is just another addition to the brood. 

Then she posed with her boyfriend, who also recently got a new tat. 

It's unclear if the two got tattoos together, but Cyrus shared this photo the day after her new tattoo debuted. The celebrity wore a black beanie to cover her recently chopped mullet mop and showed off the dainty new tat on her right bicep. 

Meanwhile, Simpson showed off his new mythological tattoo.

The Australian singer showed off his muscular bicep and the new bust of Apollo tatted onto the back of his arm. He tagged Los Angeles tattoo shop Bodiesneedrest, which must have inked the new artwork. But it's unclear who inked Cyrus.

The tat queen and king cannot be stopped. 

Cyrus recently dubbed herself and Simpson "Queen and King of tattoos," and it's not hard to see why. Her arms are almost entirely covered by mini, meaningful tattoos. Another recent tat is a thorny rose on the back of her left tricep.