Miley Cyrus is in hot water for a comment she made that equally shaded Liam Hemsworth, complimented her new beau Cody Simpson, and angered the LGBTQ community. 

As a member of the LGBTQ community herself, fans were surprised by a comment she made that seemingly called sexuality a choice. Other fans suggested that it was just a joke, but either way it perpetuated an unhealthy stigma specifically about lesbian and bisexual women. 

The singer clarified that her comments about how she had finally found a "good" man so she didn't "have to be gay" anymore were taken out of context. 

In her Instagram Live video, Cyrus said she had met only one good man in her life — and it wasn't Liam Hemsworth. 

"I was just being, like, I don't know, hardcore feminist vibes, and not allowing anyone in. But now, I am," Cyrus begins. "There are good men out there guys, don't give up. You don't have to be gay. There are good people with d**** out there, you've just got to find them. You've got to find a d*** that's not a d***, you know what I mean." 

Then her current boyfriend Cody Simpson laughed at her comment, "You don't have to be gay," he said. Cyrus responded, "I know, I always thought I had to be gay because I just thought all guys are evil, but it's not true. There are good people out there who just happen to have d****. I've only ever met one and he's on this live." 

Cyrus then posted an Instagram Story that clarified what she really believes. 

Cyrus, who identifies as pansexual and gender neutral, clarified her words that were seemingly taken out of context. In her Instagram Story she wrote, "I was talking s*** about sucky guys, but let me be clear, YOU don't CHOOSE your sexuality. You are born as you are. It has always been my priority to protect the LGBTQ community I am a part of. Happy Monday!" 

No matter what her intentions were, these comments were extremely hurtful to people in the LGBTQ community.

Cyrus may not have realized that what she said was homophobic, but people on Twitter felt otherwise. 

"Miley Cyrus saying, 'You don’t have to be gay' and 'don't give up' to girls in her Instagram live video is exactly what my girlfriend's homophobic mother said to her when she came out," one person noted. 

Plus, how Cyrus has acted in her previous relationships with women also plays into the stereotype. The Twitter user added, "She desperately begged everyone to see her as queer despite her heterosexual relationship (already annoying), but now 'girls don’t have to be gay' because 'there’s good d*** out there' ????"

Fans commented on her "apology" by sharing their disappointment. 

It seemed like Cyrus didn't realize the joke she had made perpetuated these harmful stigmas. Ultimately, she does support LGBTQ people, but overall, fans were disappointed.  

One person replied, "I understood your intentions, but it still came off wrong and made some people feel [redacted]. Thank you for clarifying, of course, but please just try to be more aware of what you are saying and how you are saying it in the future."

They continued, "As a lesbian who was always afraid to embrace my identity because I was scared I hadn’t found 'the right guy,' it sucks seeing people i love and support say things like that. And I imagine the same goes for some bi people who feel or felt like they have to 'pick' a side."