Miley Cyrus has identified as gender-fluid and pansexual for years, but her latest song has left people confused.

Fans are speculating her new song "She's Not Him" is about Stella Maxwell and Liam Hemsworth.

Let's rewind. Back in 2015, Maxwell and Cyrus had a thing going. Neither called it a relationship, but they were spotted making out. Hemsworth and Cyrus were on a break, but in 2016, the two rekindled their romance and their engagement.

Cyrus' song clearly addresses leaving a woman for a relationship with a man.

Miley Cyrus Stella Maxwell
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She sings:

"Why can't I love you, baby? Like I wanna love you baby/I'm sorry/Maybe it's beyond my control/Some sort of chemical reaction/Making it impossible to let him go."

The chorus is about being unable to fall in love with the woman because she's "not him."

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Cyrus continues:

"You're not him/She's not him/No matter what you say/No matter what you do/I just can't fall in love with you/'Cause you're not him/She's not him."

Oof. That's some heavy shit.

While many loved Cyrus' openness and how she brought awareness to her queerness, some were a little wary.

She wouldn't be the first star to use an ex-lover to sell albums.

*cough*Taylor Swift*cough*

Some are critiquing the song's current status as a "bisexual" anthem.

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However, Cyrus is vehemently against the word "bisexual" in the first place.



But at the end of the day, some relationships — no matter if they're with the same or opposite sex — end. Cyrus' song wasn't about leaving Maxwell for Hemsworth (if they're even about those two) because Maxwell was a woman: It's about Cyrus wanting one person over another because love is complicated.

Besides, we think Maxwell is doing juuuuust fine.

Stella Maxwell Kristen Stewart
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She's been dating Kristen Stewart since 2016. 

As for Cyrus? She's with Hemsworth, so we don't think she's too torn up.

It's not OK to question Cyrus' sexuality.

Cyrus has revealed she's pansexual, which means her sexual preferences aren't limited to sex, gender, or identity. That means she could've had a deep, loving, and significant relationship with both Maxwell and Hemsworth. Saying one relationship is more "real" than another — as some trolls on Twitter are suggesting — is homophobic and an example of erasure. She's being vocal about two impactful relationships, and it's not up to us to question which was more legit.

Regardless, the song is one of the biggest clapbacks to bi-erasure in recent history, so it would've been awesome to see it painting same-sex relationships in a more positive light.

Still, that doesn't make Cyrus' feelings or sexual identity any less legitimate; she just happened to love one person more than another. 

That's it.