Miley Cyrus
photo: Splash News

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are getting serious. I mean, they've possibly moved in together–, are getting tattoos–, and writing songs about each other–serious. 

Cyrus made it clear that she is moving on and having fun. She's also made it abundantly clear that no matter what anyone says, it's not going to faze her from living her best, most single, life. 

The singer already got a few tattoos to commemorate her breakup from Liam Hemsworth, but now she's added two new inks to the mix. And she got them with her new beau, Simpson. 

Celebrity tattoo artist Nico Bassill shared a close-up shot of the new ink. 

Cyrus got a perfect new tiny tattoo to add to her collection. Situated on the back of her right arm is a tiny bleeding heart with a dagger through it. The words "Rock N Roll Heart" are emblazoned in old-school-style lettering. 

Shortly after, she got her birth year etched onto her neck. 

Celebrating her birth year 1992, Cyrus got "'92" tattooed on the right side of her neck. "YEAR OF THE MONKEY," she captioned the post, honoring her Chinese Zodiac sign. One of her brothers, Trace Cyrus, commented, "Waaaaat now a neck tatt." 

Cody Simpson was at her tattoo appointment, and decided to get work done from the same artist. 

"Tat Queen / King," Cyrus captioned this first post with her new beau. Simpson got a dark outline of a skull with a Grim Reaper staff piercing through it. So the new couple definitely didn't get matching pieces, but they did support each other through the process. 

Simpson shared a sultry shot with his new girlfriend and muse of his brand-new song, releasing on Friday. 

Simpson wrote Cyrus a love song called "Golden Thing" that he wasn't going to release, but she believed in it so much that he decided to drop it to the public on Friday. The musicians posed together in a sexy mirror picture with Cyrus' hand fully down his pants. The 26-year-old commented, "Need. Oxygen. Can’t. Breathe. I. Stan. For. Ever. Ship," on his photo.