Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus talked about being gay during their Disney days
photo: Splash News

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato went on an Instagram Live together to try and bring some lightness to these dark times. 

Miley Cyrus started a new Instagram Live talk show where she interviews celebrities about how they're coping with the coronavirus crisis, and how they keep positive in dark times. On her episode featuring Demi Lovato, the two went down memory lane to talk about their Disney days. Some fans picked up on some interesting energy between the two when they talked about their closeness and friendship during the interesting time. 

Many thought that there may have been romantic feelings when they were both growing up and experiencing their sexuality for the first time. However, I'm not convinced.

Cyrus's new show is called "Brighter Minds Live With Miley Cyrus." 

The new show is getting more and more official by the day. Cyrus has featured a few famous celebrities like Amy Schumer, Demi Lovato, and more on the daily show. Now she's shared a lineup of even more celebs coming soon.

Some fans picked up on a deeper connection between the two.

Lovato was reminiscing about their longtime friendship and theorizing on what made the two so close all of these years. While Lovato suggested it was their "spirituality, or just [their] hearts," Cyrus jumped in and said, "Maybe it was just because we were gay as [redacted]." 

Her comment caused Lovato to burst out laughing and coyly move the interview right along. One fan account tweeted the clip and wrote, ".@MileyCyrus and @ddlovato know something about their early days together that we don’t...."

Other fans thought the interaction was awfully suspicious too. 

One fan tweeted a side-eye gif as their reaction to the clip. As two of the most prominent LGBTQ role models from that era of Disney, it's not surprising that people would potentially pair them together. However, they were not exactly the best of friends back in the day.

The two talked about their long 15-year friendship.

Even though Cyrus and Lovato weren't always close, they were always supportive of and there for each other. Cyrus opened up about how she thought Lovato was a "superglue" kind of friend. Their interaction was so sweet and had fans loving the love.

But fans from back in the day will remember they weren't always so close.

Some petty teenage drama went down between Lovato, Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and the Jonas Brothers, OG fans will remember. "Does no one else remember when they were both on Disney channel and beefing for years or am I just that old?" one fan tweeted. I guess they're letting that old drama die.

I'd say they're definitely over that old-school drama.

Cyrus and her friend Mandy Jiroux made a parody video making fun of Lovato and Gomez on YouTube. It was a major source of drama, and many speculated that it happened thanks to relationship drama with Gomez, Cyrus, and Nick Jonas. 

Either way, it looks like that old drama has been long forgiven and forgotten between Cyrus and Lovato. Still, it makes me question whether or not Lovato and Cyrus could have had anything more than a friendship.

Either way, Lovato and Cyrus fans are stanning this relationship. 

"Us gays thinking about all the adolescent years we spent watching them on TV," one fan tweeted with the clip of Cyrus and Lovato. The world may never know what went down between these two, but I am here for the friendship that is clearly here to stay. Lovato and Cyrus are going to be there for each other until the end.