Millie Bobby Brown Converse collab
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If you dig whales and the ocean as much as Millie Bobby Brown, then her upcoming sneaker collection with Converse is for you. The stylish 15-year-old is the youngest collaborator ever to work with the iconic shoe brand. She's also been known to dress up the casual footwear on the red carpet

The Stranger Things star is hot off the premiere of the series' third season, which has garnered more than 40 million streams on Netflix in its first weekend. Fans have been searching far and wide for nostalgic styles following the drop of the series. Now that the young fashion icon has partnered with the sneaker company that gained popularity in the early '80s, fans can achieve the look with a modern twist.

The nautical theme of the upcoming launch is perfect for the summer season, and was inspired by an ocean sunset and Brown's love for oceanic creatures like orcas. Appropriately the actor's collab will release on July 11.  

The 15-year-old is obsessed with whales; it's apparent from the whale emoji that's been in her Instagram bio for years. 

It's no surprise that the Stranger Things star would partner with the nostalgic shoe brand, but it was a little unexpected that the line was ocean-themed. Saving the whales and stopping ocean pollution are among the many causes important to the British activist. 

Brown announced the line via her Instagram four days ahead of its release. The caption read, "Converse Millie By You Launching July 11 #ConverseByYou #ConverseXMBB @Converse," complete with a whale emoji. 

The actor handpicked all of the materials, colors, and designs that customers can mix and match.  

Brown is excited about the DIY aspect of the line. She told Converse, "One of the most exciting parts of designing this is that I get to do it with my fans." In another Instagram caption, she said, "To choose the colors and material and print for the shoes was really specific and special to me." 

While fans can choose various colors and prints to include in their pair of sneakers, all of the designs were created by the teen. 

Brown has embraced nostalgic styles, possibly in part due to her character's '80s influence. 

Converse also announced the line via its Instagram, "Introducing Millie by You, a new collection from @milliebobbybrown that highlights Millie’s love for the ocean and its animals as well as DIY fashion. You’ll get to create a custom pair of Chucks with prints, colors, and materials curated by Millie." Orcas are a main symbol of the design, plus the unmistakable logo has a floating whale in the background. 

Without a doubt, the date of the release, July 11, had to have been inspired by her character's numerical name. 

The collection features high- and low-top styles of the sneakers in 10 customizable combinations. Choose from blue, yellow, and peach colors with cute orca graphics or abstract ocean waves. A statement on the brand's website reads, "Our collaboration hopes to amplify her voice and celebrate the multiplicity of Millie as the young, quirky adolescent and rising style icon through our sneakers. Choose from a color palette inspired by an ocean sunset and collaborate with Millie on your next pair of Chucks." 

The sneakers are youthful and fun with a design fit for summer. 

photo: Converse

A July release for these seaworthy sneakers is perfect timing. Converse has also committed to creating more environmentally friendly products. The brand's Instagram account announced a line of renewable shoes made from recycled plastic.

"Original canvas feel, but now with an upper crafted from 100% recycled polyester that came from used plastic bottles. There’s always a way to renew what we do," the brand shared. 

The collection represents Brown's energetic and philanthropic personality. 

Millie Bobby Brown Converse collection
photo: Converse

"When I started this collection I wanted something that represented me as a person," the Unicef Goodwill Ambassador said in an accompanying video on the shoe's Instagram Story. "Whales for me are the most majestic animals," she said in another video celebrating the line. "On the logo there's just, like, a beautiful swimming whale. That is like my dream come true in a little circle." 

And given Eleven's recent on-screen foray into bright, bold, patterned clothes, this collab comes at the perfect time.

Brown has starred in a Converse ad campaign before, nearly two years ago. But this is her first official collab with the brand. 

Millie Bobby Brown Converse collection
photo: Converse

As Brown grows up in front of the world, she has grown into something of a style icon. With official Stranger Things apparel at H&M, Target, Hot Topic, and Levi's, fans already have ways in which to copy the star's on-screen style. Starting on July 11, there will be one more way to incorporate MBB fashion into your everyday look.