There are plenty of reasons to be a huge Millie Bobby Brown fan. For one, she breaks down beauty stereotypes whenever she can. She's the star of one of the most popular Netflix shows ever. Plus, she's only 13 and is somehow already BFFs with Drake.

There may be (sadly) only one of her, but Twitter has somehow managed to find her scarily accurate lookalike. 

Millie's look is all her own, but photos of the "Stranger Things" star began circulating on Twitter after someone compared her to....

millie bobby brown
photo: Splash


natalie portman
photo: Splash

More specifically, a younger version of the actress. 

young natalie portman
photo: Pinterest

It all started when Twitter user @FreddyAmazin shared insane photos of the celebrity doppelgängers.

The side-by-side of Portman's bald look from "V for Vendetta" and Brown's infamous shaved head as Eleven in "Stranger Things" is ESPECIALLY jarring.

Another fan shared this face mashup, which definitely makes you look twice.

People *clearly* feel strongly about this twinning revelation.

Some are so sure of this match, they think it's a cloning case for the FBI.

Still not convinced?