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But her desire to break through Asian stereotypes was directly inspired by her uncle Steve.

Natalie Nootenboom with her uncle Steve Aoki
photo: Instagram/@natalienootenboom

"I’ve always looked up to my uncle because he broke Asian norms with his music," Nootenboom said. "Me, as an Asian curve model, I feel like I can use my platform as well to do that."

Determined to never lose sight of her goals, Nootenboom stresses the need to find body positivity in everyday media consumption.

Natalie Nootenboom Asian curve model
photo: Instagram/@natalienootenboom

“Listening to singers like Megan Trainor that are bold with their curves — or following women on social media with similar body types — really helps,” she suggested. “Sometimes [your] social media feed really does feed you. So always be careful what you eat.”

According to Nootenboom, surrounding yourself with positivity is key to finding confidence and self-acceptance.

“That’s really helped me learn to love myself,” she concluded. “Because I’ve surrounded myself with positivity.”