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Nicki Minaj shaded the Grammys producer that all but forced Ariana Grande to pull out of her Grammy Awards performance. When someone asked Minaj why she's never won a Grammy, she said it was because Ken Ehrlich had "bullied" her for seven years.

Grande called out the producer Ken Ehrlich after her Grammys performance fell through and she pulled out of appearing at the Grammy Awards entirely. But the award show drama doesn't end there for Minaj. She also pulled out of the BET Awards after a shady tweet rubbed her the wrong way. 

Just days after Ariana Grande called out a Grammys producer, Nicki Minaj did the same. 

Minaj tweeted back at a fan who had asked why she's never won a Grammy. In response, Minaj said she's been "bullied" for years by Grammys show producer Ken Ehrlich and that she's going to expose the truth on her next episode of Queen Radio

Fans were certainly on Minaj's side. 

Hundreds of comments flooded in from fans saying that they support both women in their Grammys boycott. I also would like to hear Grande's more in-depth side of the story. 

This is the producer Grande blames for her Grammys conflict. 

The pop singer was scheduled to appear and perform at this year's Grammy ceremony but pulled out after a major creative conflict with her performance. Grande wanted to perform "7 Rings," but producers wanted her to perform other songs. When they finally agreed to let her (kind of) perform the song, they demanded complete control over Grande's second song.

Ehrlich placed restrictions on Grande's performance other artists didn't receive.

Sure, it makes sense that the producers would try to control the show — that's their job. But it seems the other performers in the show were allotted much more creative control over everything. Suspicious.

She came through with the receipts. 

She posted a screenshot of an interview Ehrlich did in which he said that she didn't think she could pull together a performance in time. According to Grande, this just isn't true. 

Grande went off and accused Ehrlich of flat-out lying about her. 


Grande said she "kept her mouth shut" just like Minaj had. But in the end, she had to speak up. 

i’ve kept my mouth shut but now you’re lying about me. i can pull together a performance over night and you know that, Ken. it was when my creativity & self expression was stifled by you, that i decided not to attend. i hope the show is exactly what you want it to be and more.

Minaj has beef with the BET Awards, too. 

Minaj called out Ehrlich right after BET threw major shade in this now deleted tweet. When Cardi B won the Grammy for Best Rap Album, BET tweeted that she's "being dragged by her lacefront."

After that tweet, Minaj pulled out of the BET Awards show.

She tweeted in response to BET that Young Money wouldn't be performing at the BET Experience or the awards show. Then she teased her upcoming summer tour dates.

BET was quick to pull an apology out of nowhere.

The network had to cover up its mistake somehow, and it released an official statement saying it "loves Nicki." It even said that it's supported her throughout her career and that it "deeply apologizes for the hurt," so you know it's trying its hardest here.

She hasn't responded to the network yet, so it's safe to say she's not accepting the apology. She even got Lil' Wayne on board. 

The Queen is not backing down; she shared a screenshot of texts between her and fellow Young Money rapper Lil' Wayne. When she told him she's not performing because of what BET said he replied "I'm with u!!"

Minaj is still riding the success of her "Hard White" music video; it's not as if she needed this BET performance to continue thriving.

Minaj recently released her music video for "Hard White," which has 11 million views on YouTube thus far. And she's been working on new music. 

She's also featured on Avril Lavigne's latest single.

Lavigne stole our pre-teen hearts with songs such as "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boi." Now she's changing things up and featuring Minaj on her latest single, "Dumb Blonde."

And the internet is still reeling from her "Thotiana" remix, which has an uplifting Ariana Grande name drop. 

Minaj freestyled to Blueface's "Thotiana" with her own version called "Bust Down Barbiana." In the remix, she shouts out "Killing everybody beat, thank u, next Ariana.."

Some people thought that was a diss, but the two women set the record straight. 

The two women tweeted their love for each other. Happy endings truly do exist.

The two women have worked on multiple songs together for their own respective albums, so how anyone thought there was drama here, I'm unsure. They tweeted love to each other and talked about how they have been there for each other in the past. I guess sometimes beef can actually bring people together.

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