Nikkie de Jager
photo: Splash News

Nikkie de Jager aka the beauty YouTuber behind NikkieTutorials just came out as transgender. 

The drama-free queen has always been an inspiration to her millions of followers and subscribers, but today she bravely told her story and became a true icon. De Jager is a fan-favorite based on her incredible artistry in makeup, plus her bubbly and witty personality. 

Unfortunately, de Jager's timing for coming out was stolen from her, as she revealed she had been blackmailed prior to creating her video. While she can now live her life freely and completely herself, it is absolutely wrong that her coming out story was tainted by the evil individuals who wanted to steal that from her. 

Congratulations, Nikkie. We stand behind you 100 percent!

Nikkie de Jager came out as transgender in a heartfelt and honest video. 

De Jager explained that her mother always knew that she'd have a little girl, even before de Jager was born. The beauty influencer thanked her mom for always supporting her. "When I was younger, I was born in the wrong body, which means I am transgender," de Jager said.

De Jager had to rush her coming out story because of people blackmailing her. 

The makeup artist explained that she always intended on coming out to her followers eventually, but on her own terms. "I've literally grown up and transformed into me in front of all of you," de Jager explained that she transitioned fully by the time she was 19 when she had already started filming YouTube videos. 

All the beauty icon wants is to be seen for what she truly loves, and that is makeup. "I am me. I am still Nikkie. Nothing changes about that. The last thing I want in my life is for you to not trust me anymore, or for you to look at me with different eyes, or look at me in a different manner, or think that I have changed." 

She continued, "I have changed, because, damn, does this feel liberating and freeing. But I am still Nikkie."

Of course, she's getting lots of support from fellow beauty YouTubers. 

"I’m so happy for you Nikkie," Alissa Ashley wrote on Twitter. Even James Charles shared the love and tweeted, "I’m so happy for nikkie I cant stop smiling today :’)" Of course, she's also getting tons of love from her "Glow Babies" aka her fan club. 

Nikkie opened up about her identity and thanked those who have stood by her.

De Jager thanked her family and her fiancé Dylan for being her biggest supporters. Plus, she thanked her followers and hoped that everyone would see her has the same Nikkie she has always been. 

"My love for makeup has always been real. I have always been real," she said. Congratulations on coming out, Nikkie!