Lady Gaga wardrobe malfunction
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When Janet Jackson experienced a nip slip during the Super Bowl halftime show in 2004, it rocked the world (and nearly ruined her career). 

But thanks to the #FreeTheNipple movement, the sight of a woman's bare chest is no longer as "shocking" as it used to be. 

Now whenever a nipple accidentally makes a public appearance, women don't sweat it. Instead, they handle their nip slips like total bosses. 

If you ever find yourself in a, well, nipply situation, just take note from these famous ladies: 

While strutting in last year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Bella Hadid threw her hands in the air — and her nipples popped out.

Bella Hadid's nipples at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
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But rather than let a minor wardrobe malfunction affect the show, Hadid simply twirled on her haters and continued her sashay down the runway. 

A few months later, Hadid experienced a nip slip yet again while walking in Paris Fashion WeeK.

Bella Hadid's nip slip on the runway
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However, she didn't let an exposed nipple slow her down.

Hadid's older sister, Gigi, also had a nip slip on the runway in 2016.

Gigi Hadid nip slip
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But like a true Hadid, she didn't let it affect her professionalism. She kept on struttin'. 

Lady Gaga cared more about carrying her 'za than covering her nipples.

Lady Gaga nip slip
photo: Splash News

Because dropping a pizza would've been a way bigger deal than a random nipple.

After accidentally showing her nipples on Snapchat, Chrissy Teigen issued a snarky "apology" video to remind her fans that nips are NBD.

“I have nipples, it’s not something I’m proud of," she sarcastically noted.

When paparazzi photos of Blac Chyna's exposed nipples surfaced online, she rolled her eyes and continued about her day.

Blac Chyna's nipples
photo: Splash News

She paid no mind to the paps' antics.

Mariah Carey didn't let the risk of a nip slip stop her from ruling the red carpet.

Mariah Carey nip slip
photo: Getty

Her nipples popped out to say "hello" at last year's Vanity Fair Oscars party, but Carey couldn't have cared less. 

While leaving a party in London, Stella Maxwell casually ignored the fact that her nipple had slipped out.

Stella Maxwell nip slip
photo: Splash News

She brushed it off as part of her look.

In 2015, Rihanna's top pulled to the side and exposed her nipple through the sheer part of her shirt. But Rih was like, "Eh. Who cares."

Rihanna nip slip
photo: Splash News

Bad Gal RiRi remained unbothered. 

After all, it's just a nipple.

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