In the past year alone, Saturday Night Live star and stand-up comedian Pete Davidson has had what I can only describe as ... quite and interesting and tumultuous (and very public) love life. This time last year, Davidson was in a longterm relationship with Cazzie David, who you might know as the daughter of comedy legend Larry David.

Word that the two had broken didn't even surface until Davidson started dating Ariana Grande, and we all know how things turned out in that department. After just a couple short months of dating, the pair were engaged to be married. They began getting couple tattoos left and right, were seen at every possible public outing, and moved into a New York City apartment together. Shortly thereafter, they broke up in the early fall.

And Davidson moves on quick — most recently, he's been connected to actress Kate Beckinsale. The pair were recently spotted leaving one of Davidson stand-up gigs together, and rumors of a new celebrity couple have been swirling ever since. And it seems they were true all along. 

Beckinsale and Davidson confirmed their couple status in the raunchiest of ways: With a very visible make-out session in the front row of a New York Rangers game. The photos are ... rather telling.