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He retweeted Logan Paul's look back on 2018 with some kind words. 

"Beautiful man," starts Centineo's retweet. "It's not just about overcoming adversity, it's about overcoming yourself in the face of adversity. We can all learn a lot from this growth."

Centineo's fans weren't happy about it. 

Many of Centineo's fans lashed out about the retweet. They didn't like his support for Paul, who's well known for some pretty problematic behavior. This fan called Centineo "trash."

This fan says that he "did nothing but wrong things last year and continues to do so." The only thing this person thinks is worth learning from Paul is what NOT to do. 

This fan isn't learning anything from Paul either. These are things that Paul chose to do on his different platforms for his fans and all of those things have consequences. 

This person says they had tried to look past other not so amazing tweets Centineo had posted and tried to understand his point of view. But his support of Paul was their last straw. 

Centineo deleted the tweet. 

Almost as quickly as he posted the tweet in support of Paul, he deleted it. Maybe all the negative comments were too much for him. 

Logan Paul has always been problematic. 

Earlier this month Paul said on his podcast that he was going to "go gay" for the month of March. Whatever that's supposed to mean, we're still unsure. But he received lots of backlash. Plenty of people in the LGBTQ+ community spoke out against it. 

And we, of course, can't forget about last year's trip to Japan. Paul and his crew went to Japan and caused a bunch of problems. According to NME, Paul was "donning racially insensitive clothing and throwing Pokéballs at police officers."

Paul also recorded and uploaded videos of him and his friends in Japan's "suicide forest" recording a victim of suicide. 

Centineo didn't actually condone Paul's behavior. 

Listen, we're not siding with anyone. It's just that Centineo's tweet didn't really say he condoned anything that Paul did. All we can tell from the tweet is that he thinks Paul has grown into a better person for going through those experiences last year. 

Other fans noticed that, too. 

Some fans didn't see Centineo support Paul's actions. They saw him support someone else's growth and tried not to judge him for it. This tweet says that we shouldn't attack either person even if we don't condone their behavior. 

This person didn't attack or "unstan" Centineo either. However, they don't agree that Paul has changed at all and feels as though the apologies he's made over time have been fake. 

This is the perfect way to sum up all this drama.