It seems all of our favorite messy mops are going through a major chop — first, Joe Keery, then Tom Holland, and now Noah Centineo.

The Netflix romantic comedy star, nicknamed "the internet's boyfriend," has a new haircut that has fans weeping. The newly buzzed chop is totally different from his usual floppy-haired look. But the actor has made it work for him, because he has a new rumored love interest too. 

Some fans are wondering if the new hair is for an upcoming film role, but hopefully it's not for the To All The Boys I've Loved Before sequels. 

You might remember this charming boy next door from Netflix rom-coms like To All The Boys I've Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser. 

This is Noah Centineo, and he usually has a boyish, floppy mop of brunette hair. But now that's all changed. And he's got a model girlfriend to boot. 

It's been rumored that Centineo and social media model Alexis Ren are dating, and he seemingly confirmed it by posting a cute video on his Instagram story. 

The two have been spotted by fans together, and made a few sneaky appearances in each other's social media feeds. But now Centineo isn't hiding anything. He shared a first look at his new chop, and an adorable video spooking social media model Alexis Ren. 

But let's get back to the hair … Noah, we just want to know why!

Is it for a new movie role? Or is he trying to get over his boy-next-door image? Either way, this look screams Sid from Toy Story rather than Lara Jean's boyfriend. 

Centineo went through another major style change: a blond beard. 

Earlier this year, Centineo showed off a wild new blond beard that fans thought was an out-there style change. Though now I'm sure fans would give anything to have that blond beard back if it meant Centineo would keep his luscious locks. Either way, he's still adorable, and it's definitely not slowing down his acting anytime soon. 

Though some people did feel pretty strongly about the whole new-hair situation. 

"NOAH CENTINEO DID THIS. WHY? WHY DID HE HAVE TO HAVE HIS HAIR SHAVED? WANNA SUE SOMEONE," someone exclaimed on Twitter. Plus, they shared one of Centineo's stories with his new short look. 

We can't trust any of our favorite celebrity hair gods — who's next? 

Fans have lost trust in their favorite gorgeous celebrities because they made a bad haircut decision. One person tweeted a meme and wrote, "First Joe Keery cut his hair. Then Tom Holland shaved his head. And now Noah Centineo too?!" There have definitely been some mixed reactions to Centineo's new look, but some are all about the shaved head look.