Normani "Lion King" premiere
photo: Getty Images

Artists everywhere are applauding Normani for her incredible choreography and on-point early '00s references in the music video for "Motivation" off her upcoming debut solo album. 

The former Fifth Harmony member has embarked on a solo journey opening for Ariana Grande on the Sweetener/Thank U Next tour. The 23-year-old has been featured on tracks with Sam Smith, Khalid, and Calvin Harris, and now she has a new album coming out that is all her own. 

The singer's first single "Motivation" is all her own style and features her favorite music video references from the late '90s to the early '00s. Even the single's cover art is reminiscent of iconic albums of the era. 

The music video showcased Normani's dance abilities and love for the early aughts. 

Normani has always been a dancing star, and it's what made her stand out in the girl group Fifth Harmony. But now she has made a mark all on her own. The insane vocals, dancing, and style in this video has so many people praising her star power. 

Normani began to make waves with Ariana Grande and Social House on the Sweetener/Thank U Next tour. 

If there was any tour to be a part of this year, Normani found her way to be a part of it. Grande also lent her writing expertise on "Motivation" and has been promoting it to her 162 million followers on Instagram. The two have become close over the course of the world tour, and Normani shared this sweet tribute to her new bestie in the industry. 

"I love this beautiful creature beyond. I’m so [redacted] blessed to know you and to have experienced your kind heart and selflessness for these last few months. Guys I got to open for the biggest star in the world. I wouldn’t have it any other way. You have my heart," she wrote to the superstar. 

"Thank you for allowing me to share my gifts and for always encouraging me. This one is for the books. I’m actually having separation anxiety already. sheeesh BUT WOW WHAT A MOMENT fifty shows !! we made it sisss." 

From hip-hugging jeans with crop tops to spray-painted graphics, the fashion was the epitome of the early '00s. 

The video has already racked up over a million views in less than 24 hours, and fans are obsessed with the fashion. Normani herself is stunned with the response and wrote to Instagram, "Motivation OUT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still screaming crying all of it." In the video, the singer sports low-riding, hip-hugging denim jeans with a cropped white tank top, a spray paint graphic set, and a completely crystal encrusted leotard. 

Fans can completely see Normani's personality shine through.

One fan loved that the song showed off Normani's roots in black culture. "What I love about 'Motivation' is that Normani did not compromise her art and added so many elements to it that really made this pop song hers. It’s not soulless pop that we often hear on the radio. It represents her roots, her culture, and her people, both visually and sonically," they wrote. The video is truly representative of an entire generation who grew up on music videos. 

Normani has provided necessary representation for black women and girls everywhere, and it didn't go unnoticed. 

"Y’all don’t understand. I cried watching this video of Normani re-making scenes from videos I grew up watching — just with more chocolate girls. This would have meant everything to me. I’m so so thankful this generation has @Normani . #Motivation," tweeted Dani Kwateng-Clark, an editor at Teen Vogue

Singer-songwriter Kehlani also tweeted support for the rising star, "I love this Normani movement cuz we ain’t had our own superstar triple threat girl to stan over as a generation. We grew up on them but she’s OURS. And she’s BLACK mwuahahaha YES."

Normani has come so far from her Fifth Harmony days — and she's only going to grow from here. 

All of the Fifth Harmony members have embarked on their own solo careers, but none have seen success like Camila Cabello's — until now, that is. Normani has the support of incredible music buffs like Beyoncé and Ariana Grande behind her, so this is just the beginning for the upcoming musician. 

An original fan tweeted a picture of Normani from her original X Factor audition along with a still from the new music video, and wrote, "I'm so proud and crying #normani." Normani replied, "This gives me chills." 

The early '00s inspired her, and now she is inspiring a new generation of black girls. 

Normani tweeted ahead of the video's release: "Motivation at midnight !!!! so excited ahhhhhh hope you love it ... y’all know I love the early 2000’s." The vibe of this video from the choreographed dance numbers to the fashion has tugged at the nostalgic heartstrings of her generation of fans and fellow artists. Now it's time to anxiously await the drop of the rest of the album.