Kim Kardashian and North West
photo: Getty Images

It looks like the mommy shamers are back out, and they're targeting Kim Kardashian all because of her daughter's latest outfit. 

Whether people are criticizing Kardashian for straightening North's hair or for allowing her to wear makeup, the reality TV star is no stranger to being scrutinized for her parenting style. This time around, the shamers are taking issue with an outfit that North recently wore to church service on Sunday. 

In a video clip Kardashian shared on Twitter, North is seen sporting a black dress, sunglasses, and boots. She's also wearing dark lipstick. As you can guess, it didn't take long for folks to begin critiquing Kardashian and suggesting that something was wrong with North's outfit and appearance.

Here's your daily reminder that North West is basically living the dream.

Just last month, Kim Kardashian's eldest child graced the cover of WWD. "My most stylish and beautiful baby girl North shot her 1st cover for @wwd!!!!" Kardashian wrote on Instagram. "She loves fashion & beauty and has so much fun doing this!" In the colorful magazine spread, North rocks several ~looks~, including a purple crop top and an orange raincoat. 

She's a great big sister.

Her and little sister Chicago West are definitely going to have their own reality show one day. I'm thinking "Keeping Up With The Wests" has a nice ring to it. 

"We can all agree Kanye and Kim make the cutest kids," one fan said on Insta. Someone else wrote: "North [is] only 6 but already better looking than most of us." (Quick fact check on that: North is actually five, but their other point is still totally taken.)

She's a creative icon in the making.

Back in December, Kardashian said that North dropped by one of her photo shoots and asked if they could do an impromptu shoot together. "North came to visit me on set & said momma can we do a photo shoot together just me & you!" Kardashian captioned the images on Insta. "I followed her poses & direction so here it is! I always dreamed of having a baby girl & she’s perfect!" 

Unsurprisingly, North loves all things fashion and beauty.

I mean, if Kim K is your mom, it's probably a requirement. But, to be fair, Kardashian has insisted that she imposes strict rules regarding North getting all dolled up. "I don't think she should wear lashes or too dark of a lipstick," Kardashian previously said. "So I want her to express herself, but I want her to be appropriate, too."

Still, some people will always find something to criticize.

Last year, folks called Kardashian out for straightening North's hair. A couple critics even suggested that she had given her hair extensions. The criticism got so intense that Kardashian addressed the issue on Twitter, explaining that North is only allowed to straighten her hair "twice a year" to celebrate her birthday.

Most recently, they targeted Kardashian for one of North's latest outfits.

It all started when Kimmy posted a few videos of North getting her groove on at a church service last Sunday. In the clips, North is clearly enjoying herself and dancing around to the music. She's also rocking a black dress, sunglasses, and boots, just as you would expect from everyone's favorite mini fashionista.

Some thought her outfit was inappropriate. 

This Twitter user suggested that North appeared too "teenage looking," whatever that means. "Agree! Making her look grown when she is a child. I guess just different times," someone else commented

One person even criticized how North was wearing her dress. "There’s an unnecessary slit in her dress, she’s wearing make up and her strap is hanging off the side of her shoulder while she dances not childlike," they tweeted.

Many people offered their unsolicited opinions on North's outfit because, well, the internet.

One very concerned citizen recalled their own experience with going to and dressing for church activities. "Since when do little girls wear dark lipstick like that? That dress is not what my mom sent me to church wearing at her age," they said. "I was dressed in conservative clothes that covered my shoulders and had at least cap sleeves if not half sleeves for church." WELL OK THEN, KAREN.

Several fans rallied around Kardashian. 

"So what @KimKardashian let North wear lipstick! Wtf is the big deal?" one fan remarked. "That’s her child to do as she pleases & yes I let my daughter play with and wear makeup sometimes too." 

Another person summed everything up quite perfectly: "I really do not understand why people keep getting so pressed by North West wearing lipstick.. when you had your dance recitals at 3 your momma put lipstick on you because it was a little special event, which it looks like they were at. It’s not an everyday thing people. Chill." 

I think we can all agree on one thing here.

The only people responsible for North are her parents. If getting dressed up, wearing a little rouge every now and then, and dancing like no one's watching is what makes her happy, then she should be allowed to freely do those things without all this scrutiny. I mean, come on, she's five! 

In conclusion: LET. NORTH. LIVE.