photo: Reuters

Cardi B and Offset announced their divorce last week. However, as time passes, it's clear that Cardi is the one who dumped him. I can't say I am too surprised. Cardi has been dealing with the rapper's constant cheating for some time now. In fact, his cheating drove her to the assault charges she is currently dealing with in court. 

Now Offset is groveling for Cardi on Twitter. 

Cardi B announced her divorce from husband Offset after one year of marriage. Offset's only response was, "Y'all won."

Not long after, Offset tweeted: "F*ck y'all. I miss Cardi." Boy, bye.

Meanwhile, Cardi changed some of her lyrics in the song "Motorsport" to reflect her feelings. The song must be a sore spot for her because not only is it a collaboration with her now-ex Offset, but also with her current enemy Nicki Minaj. 

The rapper changed the lyrics to, "I turn Offset on. I told him the other day, we're gonna get a divorce!" 

Cardi seems extremely unbothered, while Offset is realizing ... things.

Now people are tweeting Cardi's foreboding song lyrics at Offset. I am cackling. 

Others offered the heartbroken rapper a nice little troubleshooting advice. 

Nevertheless, Cardi is living her best life amid personal turmoil. She learned about her multiple Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year, while at a court arraignment. 

The evidence continues to mount that Offset is just a serial cheater who probably only wants Cardi now that he can't have her. 

On top of all of his philandering, Offset seems to think the couple broke up not because he is a cheater, but because Cardi's fans encouraged her to do better than him.