Nearly eight months since her last YouTube video, Olivia Jade has made her return. 

In those eight months, both of her parents, Lori Laughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, were arrested in the high-profile college admissions scandal case. The YouTube star was under fire for her alleged involvement in the scandal and for her seeming lack of remorse. 

You bet there is a mixed response from the celebrity's die-hard fans, who are excited to see her back on the platform, and countless critics. In a two-minute-long video, Jade explains she misses filming and posting on her channel and that she will return. But she did not address the scandal other than to tell her followers that she can't legally discuss it, even though she wants to. 

After the scandal, which involved cheating and bribery to get students like Jade into competitive schools, the young social media star lost her Sephora sponsorship and faced criticism. And rightfully so. Now it seems she's trying to put it all behind her. 

Apparently, the social media star is going to try to start making videos again. 

Jade became popular mainly through her parents' influence. Her mom, Lori Laughlin, famously played Aunt Becky on Full House. Plus, she made appearances in other popular videos from famous YouTube stars like David Dobrik's vlogs. 

Jade made her weekly vlogs that followed her makeup routines and daily life. Now she wants to get back to it because she misses her followers and making videos. 

Since news of the scandal broke, Jade has taken a hiatus from all social media. 

The only post that Jade has made in the eight months since her parents' arrest was a birthday shout-out for her guilty mom. The post garnered mixed reactions, with some rolling their eyes at her support for her mom, and others who thought it was sweet that she stuck up for her.

The YouTuber is not fully innocent and reportedly knew about what happened. 

None of the students were charged with fraud or bribery, but Jade allegedly knew about the scam and knowingly participated in taking fake photos to get onto the University of Southern California's rowing team. Some people are sickened by her coming back onto the platform without apologizing or addressing the scandal in any way. 

"I'm legally not allowed to speak on anything going on right now," Jade said in her video. 

It's shocking that she came back to the platform at all. 

One person couldn't believe that she would feel so entitled to come back onto YouTube after scamming her way into a college. Jade came under fire shortly after the news broke in February by posting a photo of herself holding up two middle fingers and tagging multiple news outlets who called her and her family out.

One person tweeted, "If y'all ever need confidence just remember that Olivia Jade:
-Got her college spot bought by her rich folks THE ILLEGAL WAY (yes there is a legal way)
-Gave the world the finger when her mom got caught
-Then 8 months later found herself back on YouTube with a good ole smile." 

Many of her fans have forgiven her, but others are deeply upset by her YouTube revival. 

One person on Twitter couldn't believe that her YouTube fans were so quick to forgive, "The amount of people in Olivia Jade’s YouTube comments forgiving her for what her and her family did ......." 

Jade left her comments on for the YouTube video, and a surprising amount of messages were supportive of the social media celeb. But, of course, she had her critics too. It's unbelievable that she would go back onto the platform after all of the truth was exposed. Hopefully she'll take the time to own up to what she and her family did, once she's "legally" allowed to do so.