People on Twitter believe Paris Hilton, an ageless relic of the Y2K era, subtly shaded Kim Kardashian, a sentient Instagram filter from the future, with a throwback photo. 

Hilton shared an image of herself, nude, covered in red flowers. The image is strikingly similar to Kardashian's portrait of her own naked body covered in cherry blossom pedals. 

Because two women can't be naked and covered in flowers around the same time, Twitter is in chaos! Who came up with the idea first?! We need answers!

Have you ever seen the movie American Beauty? Great. 

Then you know the answer to the question of who invented a naked woman being covered in flowers ... this did not even begin with American Beauty, so why on earth is Paris Hilton getting so testy about it? 

Hilton subtweeted Kim Kardashian by sharing these throwback photos from a previous shoot. 

For weeks, Kim has been sharing photos of her cherry blossom shoot to promote the new KKW beauty line. 

The new collection will feature pink-hued lipsticks, brushes, and blushes. 

The shots of Hilton come from a music video she released in February of this year. I am sure you have heard of this song and seen this video. Hilton is a relevant musician.

Two blogs that document shady celebrity behavior (because we all have a cult-like obsession with our pristine-bodied god-humans) pointed out the subtweet. 

Now Kardashian has shared another photo of her naked body covered in flower pedals. 

People have very strong feelings about this. I didn't know Hilton had stans in 2018 — not being snarky! Hilton was a part of a different, far more salacious era of celebrity before social media "was a thing."

Did Pink do it first?

Did Nicki Minaj do it first?

Let's be real, lying down in a bunch of flower pedals is about as original an idea as putting butter on toast. But all these women look great doing it, so I can see why they want to rock the look.