Paris Hilton is being dragged over a recent interview where she voiced her support for Donald Trump — but anyone who's followed her career isn't shocked that the heiress has zero issue with racism and sexism. 

Hilton didn't just say she supported Donald Trump — she also claimed that the women who accused him of sexual assault were lying and fully dismissed his "grab them by the pussy" comment in an interview for Marie Claire's September issue.

While she's since backpedaled, claiming that she didn't vote in the 2016 election (even though she shamelessly told Australia's "The Project" back in November that she voted for family friend Trump) and is accusing the magazine of twisting her words, it's very hard to believe her when you take a trip back to the aughts. 

The 2012 video may be blurry, but her message is clear.

Dancing to a song by the Notorious B.I.G, Hilton grossly tells her sister, "“We’re like two n*****s.” She later goes on a disgusting, racist rant about a woman at the party who she accuses of "touching her husband," saying, “Fucking hoodlum, broke, poor bitch from, like, Compton; public school bitch.” 

She then addresses the cameraman and throws some homophobia into her two-minute spew of hatred: “You faggot, he wants to fuck my boyfriend,” she exclaims with a smile.  

And while she received some backlash, the incident went infuriatingly largely under the radar and she continued to become more famous.

The video makes it clear that Hilton is a bigot who uses racist and homophobic rhetoric herself. Of course she supports Donald Trump, who somehow thinks people protesting Nazis are just as bad as actual Nazis.

And she's not the only one in her family who's been caught spewing hate on video — her brother, Conrad Hilton, was recently videotaped screaming homophobic and racist slurs during his arrest.

Paris Hilton tried to tell the magazine she's a feminist now.

According to Marie Claire, she said, "I just feel it's about women's empowerment and girl power, and I'm very into that."

But obviously, her belief in "women's empowerment" doesn't extend to victims of sexual assault. If Paris Hilton was truly a feminist, she wouldn't be perpetrating rape culture by calling women coming forward about sexual assault liars.

Hilton might be trying to convince us that she's enlightened — however her loud support of Donald Trump and dismissal of sexual assault victims makes it clear she's still the same girl who went on hate-filled, racist, homophobic rants in the club. 

But thanks to the monster that she may have helped elect as President, at least in 2017 it is not hot for stars to be blind.