“Twilight” actor Taylor Lautner apparently has a super fan in Australia who spends her days “dreaming about his paws.”

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Andddd as it turns out, that super fan is Paris Jackson (or rather, her “alter ego” Rachel).

Earlier this week, Jackson appeared on the Hamish & Andy podcast in Australia.

Are Paris Jackson and Taylor Lautner friends?
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The hosts challenged Jackson to use her best Australian accent to prank call a friend. She immediately chose Lautner as her “victim.”

Jackson was able to get Lautner on the phone and quickly convinced him that she was with her friend, “Rachel.”

“I'm really sorry to do this to you, man, but her name is Rachel, and she really wants to talk to you," Jackson told Lautner in her “regular” voice.

Lautner agreed to speak with “Rachel” — and Jackson wasted no time creeping him out.

Did Paris Jackson prank call Taylor Lautner
photo: YouTube

"Oh my god, Taylor. I don’t think you understand,” Jackson cooed as “Rachel.” “I have so many dreams about you. Do you really turn into a wolf?"

Lautner tried his best to be a good sport.

He told “Rachel” that, sadly, he was human.

(To which Jackson responded, "I dream about your paws on me, and I just dream that one day you'll come to the land down under.”)

Jackson eventually revealed her true identity, but fans can't stop listening to the hilarious prank call.

Too. Good.

Hear Jackson's, um, convincing Australian accent in the full video below: