Paris Jackson
photo: Splash News

Talk show host Wendy Williams "gossips" for a living  — but Paris Jackson refuses to let Williams spread rumors at her family's expense. 

Last week, Williams took to Twitter to discuss the drama surrounding the guardianship of Jackson's brother Prince Michael (whose nickname is Blanket).

Wendy Williams' tweet about Paris Jackson's family
photo: Twitter

"Michael’s mother Katherine has filed court documents to stop being Blanket’s guardian," Williams announced on her show's official website. "Katherine says now that Blanket is 15, cousin TJ can handle guardianship on his own."

She added, "TJ has six kids of his own! Eighty-seven-year-old Katherine says her age is one of the reasons she’s stepping down."

Williams even lumped Jackson into the "controversy."

"Earlier this year, Paris reportedly complained that Blanket was raising himself," the article continued. "Blanket lives in seven bedroom, $10.5m house with a chef, housekeeper, and security. Thirty-nine year-old cousin TJ commutes from 40 minutes away to check on him."

But Jackson wasn't here for Williams' "insight" into her family's private matters.

Paris Jackson
photo: Instagram/@parisjackson

She immediately called out the talk show host on Twitter.

Jackson told Williams that she needed to seek "professional" help for her "unhealthy obsession" with her family.

Paris Jackson's response to Wendy Williams' tweet
photo: Twitter

"Your obsession is a little unhealthy," Jackson slammed Williams. "Maybe even toxic. I'm sure there are plenty of qualified professional psychiatrists you can seek out."

Earlier this year, Williams brought up Jackson on her show. She skewered the teen for identifying as Black.

Wendy Williams talking about Paris Jackson
photo: The Wendy Williams Show

"Black is not what you call yourself, it's what the cops see when they got steel to your neck on the turnpike," Williams mocked Jackson. 

She sarcastically added, "But that's cute." 

But Jackson wants to ensure that her name (or her family members' names) never leaves Williams' lips again.

Paris Jackson and Blanket
photo: Twitter

She ridiculed Williams for fainting on-set during that same episode, insinuating Williams' fall was some type of karma. 

"Looks like someone from above had enough of her bullshit and decided to clock her for not keeping his kids' names outta her mouth," Jackson wrote in a follow-up tweet. "O well."