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He lets his guests sign his wall.

pete davidson basement house
photo: Youtube

I'm not talking, like, a guestbook or a dry erase board. Davidson's guests write on his actual wall. If I did something like that in my room, my mother would have handed me that drywall for dinner. Also, one of the lights on his moon phase neon has burned out, and that somehow makes this all feel more real. Later, we see his friends getting tattoos in his totally clean and sanitary kitchenette.

Feel free to watch Davidson's Netflix special, if you want!

I had a chance to watch Pete Davidson: Alive from New York, and it is something. It's every bit as awkward as you would assume, and while he doesn't stop smirking at his own jokes, he regales us with a fascinating story about Louis C.K. Recommended viewing if you're tapped out on Love Is Blind.