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Pete Davidson returned to stand-up comedy on New Year's Eve for the first time following those troubling suicidal comments on Instagram a few weeks back. And he finally gave us a glimpse into the aftermath of his broken engagement to Ariana Grande.
He talked about how he dealt with the breakup, how he felt when "Thank U, Next" was released, and also managed to diss Louis C.K. all in one set! So, in other words, Davidson appears to be on the mend and we couldn't be happier!

Davidson took the stage during his sold-out show in Boston, Massachusetts for the first time since making a highly concerning Instagram post and definitely nailed his act. 

He spoke for a bit about his ex-fiance's hit song "Thank U, Next," which mentions him by name. Knowing he'd be mentioned in the song, he made his friends sit and listen to it with him. "We all have to listen to this song and you all have to look at me," he said of the experience. "It's gonna be rough."

At the time of its release, Grande claimed that some of her exes had heard it ahead of time, but according to Davidson, he was not one of them.

"Here's the thing about the breakup song. Usually breakup songs you know who it's about but you don't really know. That G named all of us," he told the crowd, according to E! "Bam. She named all of us. And then, tells us, yeah, he has a big dick." Yes, we are carrying that BDE into 2019.

As you probably know, Grande released "Thank U, Next" moments before Saturday Night Live aired. So, naturally, that was tough for him. "That s--t came out before I had to put on a f--king duck hat and be like, 'derrrp here's the pizza!' So all my friends were there. It was a sad day. We didn't know it was going to happen," he explained.

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"This won't be easy, this is rough," he continued. "So I start playing it. And we're all like, 'Ehhh… it's ok.' We're like 'Okay, it's not that bad for you."

The comedian also shared that following the split in October, he cried sitting at the table with his mom. According to US Weekly, he also said he learned "how ugly people can get, and how cool people can be." I'll let you interpret that however you wish.

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Davidson also revealed that it wasn't just him that's been hurt by the Grande song. After every single Grande stan berated him on Twitter, they started harassing his mom.

Yes, that's right: his mom. According to Davidson, his mom, who's a nurse, was mocked at work. "She was walking in the hallway and some little fucking kid started singing "Thank U, Next" to her. Me, I get it. But my mom?" he said.

We're happy to see Davidson back on his grind and are loving his diabolical honesty.

And all his fans just want to give him a giant hug after hearing him open up.

His whole set wasn't about Grande, BTW. He also made a point to call out fellow comedian Louis C.K. for being a generally disgusting human being. “I got a Harry Potter tattoo. Then the next day Alan Rickman, the guy who played Snape, died,” he began. “And I was like, ‘Oh, what a weird coincidence. Then I got a Willy Wonka tattoo. Next day – Gene Wilder dies. Now I’m like, ‘All right, that’s not a coincidence, that’s weird.’ So, I’m thinking of getting a tattoo of Louis C.K. What do you guys think?”


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And fortunately, a source said he is expected to return to Saturday Night Live when it begins airing new episodes in 2019.

Could this be the year of Pete Davidson? Stay tuned.