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Pop superstar Pink (or P!nk, if you're old-school) is no stranger to mom-shaming. Just this month, she posted and then deleted a photo of her toddler-aged son after trolls swarmed the comments section to parole her parenting style.

The problem? Her son Jameson, who is only two years old, wasn't wearing a diaper (or anything on his bottom half) in the photo — some Instagram users went so far as to say child services should be called on the singer.

The experience clearly left the mother of two feeling rather shook, because she's since committed herself to keeping pictures of her kids way, way out of the public eye. And honestly? We don't blame her.

By now you're well familiar with pop icon Pink.

Since the late '90s, she's been churning out hit after hit including but not limited to "Get the Party Started," "Don't Let Me Get Me," "U + Ur Hand," "Stupid Girls," "So What," and about a million other songs that spoke deeply to your angsty teen-to-be. She's done seven world tours, appeared in a fair share of movies, and is responsible for creating a wave of strong and edgy women pop stars including but not limited to Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, and Kesha.

But did you know she's also the mother of two adorable young children?

She is! With husband Carey Hart, Pink has two children. Her first, daughter Willow Sage, was born in June 2011. Her son Jameson Moon followed in 2016. I know what you're thinking, though — THOSE NAMES, THO. As you can also expect, she's the no-nonsense "bad cop" parent of the couple.

Earlier this month, Pink found herself in an internet firestorm after posting a photo of her toddler son ~au natural~ on Instagram.

She uploaded a rather innocent photo of the small child wearing nothing on his bottom half, and the parent police did NOT like that one bit. After fielding tons of hateful comments about her own parenting style, Pink deleted the post and has been rather quiet about her family life since.

And she just discussed how the situation affected her social media presence on The Ellen Show.

She recalled some of the most hurtful comments she received to Ellen DeGeneres. "People went as far as saying someone should call child services because he didn’t have a diaper on," she revealed. "I cried so hard after that because I like to share my family. It’s my proudest moment. I’m prouder of my kids than anything I’ve done in my whole life.”

After experience mass mom-shaming online, Pink will cease sharing photos of her kids online.

She told DeGeneres that though she just wishes people on the internet were a little more understanding, she still acknowledges how her spot in the public eye can affect her kids and the rest of her loved ones.

And like, jeez, folks, can we not just enjoy some adorable photos of some famous person's kids? Is it that hard?

She also explained to DeGeneres that it's about time, anyway, seeing as her daughter is quickly growing older.

She said on the show, "She's seven now; it's probably time to pull her back from the world and let her just live her best life."

Imagine how weird it would be to grow up and realize your semi-embarrassing baby photos have millions of likes and comments on the internet. So, so weird — I have to agree with Pink on this one.

Pink followed up her Ellen Show interview with a bangin' performance of a brand-new song.

She performed "Walk Me Home" for the first time on TV, and it brought the freaking house down. If you've ever doubted whether or not Pink's still got it after a couple decades of stardom, this number will wash all your fears away.

And she's since stuck to her word about the no-family-pics rule.

The last glimpse we caught of either of Pink's children was this snapshot of Willow from April 7, and that's OK! Though fans are bummed they won't be seeing much of the singer's kids anymore, they still deserve their privacy.

But it's all good and fine because now we get more posts like this epic throwback Pink shared this month.

In these photos all the way back from 2003, Pink is SKATEBOARDING. BAREFOOT. In a BIKINI. Holding a GLASS OF WINE. It truly does not get better than this folks. Pink did that. I, for one, will gladly accept these totally rad pictures in exchange for cute family shots.

Moral of the story?

Think before you comment about even the most famous of mothers — it can cause actual damage to real people. If this is how bad it gets for Pink, I don't even want to know what it's like to be a mom in the Kardashian family... or Cardi B... or really any other monstrously famous mother.