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The negativity toward larger-size bodies in '90s and 2000s is troubling.

photo: Giphy

There were only two types of "plus-size" bodies onscreen in the '90s and 2000s: average-size bodies that were considered "fat," and plus-size bodies that were only there to give the program a comic boost. 

And that's not OK. 

Curvy girls during this time had very few actresses to look up to. Any time they turned on the television, they were essentially told their bodies weren't good enough to be anything more than the "funny, fat chick." 

The entertainment industry still isn't perfect — but we have come a long way.

Plus-size actresses are still being typecast, but at least there are actresses like Rebel Wilson and Lena Dunham who are working to give women of all shapes and sizes positive screen time.

There are many aspects of '90s and 2000s television that will easily trigger intense bouts of nostalgia — but its lack of body diversity will not be missed.