Diana Sirokai first showed up on our radar when she FLAWLESSLY copied Kim Kardashian's infamous white bikini photos. The plus-size model did a major, major thing with the shoot: She proved that you don't have to have the body type of a Kardashian to pose like one.

Sirokai's latest shoot takes it one step further: The model copied another iconic photo — this time, in the nude.

Sirokai recreated Hadid's iconic Stuart Weitzman ad, where she posed totally naked.

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The photo, taken by photographer Karizza (who was also behind the Kardashian-inspired shoot), features Sirokai in the nude, save for a pair of booties. Hadid is in the same pose, with her arms placed over her chest.

Sirokai captioned the photo: "I was just wondering how a Model My Size would look on this."

TBH, we think both Hadid and Sirokai look flawless!

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They both look great. The purpose of this photo isn't to show that Sirokai or any other plus-size model would necessarily look "better" than a straight-size one; rather, it's to celebrate both women and show that both sizes are beautiful in their own way. Simple as that.

While some of the comments shamed Sirokai and Hadid's weight, most were praising both women for looking great.

We couldn't agree more.

Same, TBH.

Hey, girl, can you make this a thing?

Also, Victoria's Secret, are you seeing this? Get this girl in front of your casting agents for next year's show ASAP.