The goddess among us, better known as Beyoncé, has done something we would not expect. The artist was seen earlier this week shopping at Target. Beyoncé has so much money wouldn't you think she has someone to do all her shopping for her? Like a personal assistant dedicated to her spending needs? Anywho, at least this time that wasn't the case, and Beyoncé graced us with her presence in the flesh.

Who even knew Beyoncé shops at Target?

Beyoncé was seen casually walking around a Target store on January 7, in L.A. Of course, people took the opportunity to take as many pictures as they could. 

Only Beyoncé could pull off going to Target in a jumpsuit while wearing sunglasses indoors. For the rest of us, we can barely think about going to Target in anything more than high school sweatpants and band T-shirts. 

What was she buying?

We can't be sure what she was actually buying, but based on the background of this picture, she's in the baby section. Maybe she's picking up things for her twins?

Fans freaked out.

I mean, wouldn't you get excited if your favorite singer walked by as you were choosing between breakfast cereals? What would you say? What would you do?

This is probably what would happen if we saw Beyoncé out and about too. We'd have to do a double take just to make sure we saw what we saw. 

And just imagine being someone who saw Beyoncé at Target with no evidence. Text your friends all you want, but are you sure they'd even believe you? 

This is the exact response we would have. You would still find us on the floor the next day. 

Even Chrissy Teigen commented.

Of course, the queen of Twitter commentary, Chrissy Teigen, had to say something. But it doesn't look like Beyoncé is looking for new knives right now. 

This is not the first time our queen has been spotted at Target.

A fan took some quick snaps of Beyoncé in another California Target in December of 2017. We can't tell you what she bought back then, either. 

From these shots, you can see that Beyoncé likes consistency when she's shopping. All of these photos show the singer letting her hair down with her sunglasses and plenty of legroom. 

And in March of last year, Beyoncé was seen at Target with daughter Blue Ivy. She seems to follow a certain look while on these casual outings. 

Beyoncé loves Target.

She reportedly shops at the store pretty often. We can't blame her. She truly understands us. 

We could never look so casually chic.

If only we could shop more effortlessly put together. But it just isn't meant to be. 

What would you do?

We all don't have the pleasure of seeing Beyoncé in person. Let us know how you would react.