Most women have been there — curvy women especially. You're in a dressing room, and you've been handed, like, eight items that look so much smaller than what you know will fit. You try on piece after piece, and each of them barely pulls over your thighs, hips, boobs, or shoulders. Eventually, you begin to sweat thanks to the bright and unflattering overhead lights, which offer literally zero comfort when you look in the mirror and see a dimly lit clothing monster. 

Maybe, if you're so lucky, one of these pieces does fit. Well, sort of. You could get it on your body, but it's not exactly comfortable. If only this store stocked this item in one or two larger sizes! But much to your dismay, it doesn't. For plus-size women, shopping in mainstream clothing stores at a mall can cause this experience to happen over and over and over again, leading to the most depressing shopping spree ever. When shopping in real life rather than online, there's a reason I usually go home empty-handed.

Plus-size women of Hollywood understand this struggle, too. Though the popular belief is that all celebrities have access to custom-made piece by designers at their beck and call, that's not exactly true for plenty of women celebrities over size 8 (I know — 8). Rebel Wilson specifically has called attention to Hollywood's problematic refusal to dress fat women. And her struggles have long preceded her fame. Below, hear Wilson's take on having to miss an extremely important life event due to the sheer fact that she couldn't find a dress in her size.