In case you had any doubt regarding Rihanna's status as a style icon (but like, why would you?), a viral internet challenge is here to prove that Rihanna's wardrobe is a ~vibe~ every single day of the year. 

It all started when Twitter user @ChipdNudePolish instructed her followers to partake in a seemingly innocent challenge: "Google Rihanna and your birthday to see which outfit you get." As it turns out, the results are frighteningly accurate in their ability to convey your own sense of style and overall #mood. It's basically the equivalent of a Rihanna-approved horoscope, which we are totally here for. 

The original thread on Twitter now has more than 6,000 replies, basically confirming what we all know to be true: Not a day goes by when Rihanna doesn't look flawless.

Not that anyone should need reminding, but let's get one thing clear: Rihanna is not your average superstar. 

To recap, she has been on the music scene for nearly 14 years and has released eight studio albums. She's also crossed over into movies, starring in last year's Ocean's 8. On top of those successes, she's a badass businesswoman who's building up quite the empire. She totally shook up the beauty industry with her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, and did the same thing with lingerie when she released her own lingerie collection, the aptly named Savage x Fenty.

In addition to excelling at virtually everything she does, RiRi has also established herself as a serious style icon and tastemaker.

Whether she's rocking the red carpet, running from the paparazzi, giving a speech at Harvard, vacationing in her home country of Barbados, or doing literally anything else, she completely slays her fashion from head to toe. She can pull off couture dresses straight off the runway just as well as she can sport the latest athleisure trends. It's honestly a gift that the world is not worthy of.

Twitter user @ChipdNudePolish wanted to pay homage to RiRi's killer sense of style, so she came up with a creative way of doing just that.

According to Teen Vogue, the woman behind @ChipdNudePolish is named Shari. She told the publication that she was "inspired" by another tweet that asked people to participate in a similar challenge with Beyoncé’s outfits. "I was inspired by a tweet I saw floating around earlier that morning," she said. "With Rihanna’s birthday on the horizon, I figured why not!" 

It didn't take long for the challenge to go viral.

Shari's original post has garnered more than 6,000 replies so far. And the tweet itself has been liked more than 14,000 times. She wrote that the overwhelming reaction proves that everyone's favorite Bad Gal "really has a look for every day of the year." One peek at the thousands of responses is all you need to see that Rihanna is indeed crushing it all day, every day.

Many fans were loving the accuracy of their "Rihanna birthday outfit."

This all-black look, complete with a puffer jacket and what looks like the world's comfiest sweats, was "on brand" for Twitter user @luxerubbish. Several people responded to this post to confirm that they were all Geminis who had gotten the same birthday look. That's when @luxerubbish proclaimed, "I love how Rih is bringing people together WITH HER FITS ALONE!" 

It's safe to say that horoscopes are officially irrelevant. 

Twitter user Samantha Powell called her Rihanna birthday outfit "perfectly Samantha." Someone else born on September 5 said that the denim-on-denim ensemble RiRi wore on that day "feels so correct." And one fan plans to use their Rihanna birthday outfit as inspiration for their actual birthday later this year. Genius, isn't it?

One person said that they "don't believe in horoscopes," but are totally fine with predicting their future using Rihanna's wardrobe choices.

What else needs to be said? If Rihanna wore it, there's clearly something powerful going on here. The energy Rihanna brings to my birthday is the energy I need to bring to my life every single day. And as an added bonus, I know exactly what I have to wear in order to make all of my dreams come true. RiRi is literally showing us the way.

Some folks were lucky enough to be blessed with multiple looks to choose from and get inspired by.

That means you get an outfit for multiple moods and different days. It's really so much better than trying to decipher tarot cards or reading your birth chart read. This is Rihanna we're talking about, people! Who wouldn't want their lives to be guided by her epic and iconic style? 

Without a doubt, this internet challenge really took off.

Although Shari probably didn't expect to start a new form of astrology, that's precisely what she did. "It's a tad bit overwhelming," she told Teen Vogue. “I was just sitting on my couch watching the responses just roll it. I loved seeing everyone's outfits and responses!" And it's pretty clear that people loved sharing their outfits with the world because, well, who wouldn't want to see what Rihanna wore on their birthdays?!

And even if you didn't care for your Rihanna birthday outfit, you can find some solace in knowing that you weren't alone.

Of course, as this individual so wisely pointed out, it's probably your fault if you didn't like it. As we have established, RiRi can do no wrong. So if your Rihanna birthday outfit wasn't something you vibed with, it could simply mean that you were just born on the wrong day. And you should probably consider switching your date of birth to something more accurate and on brand. 

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