The first recorded use of the hashtag #carefreeblackgirls came from writer Zeba Blay on Twitter in 2013 as a way for Black girls to express their individuality and pride. 

As writer Jamala Johns wrote in an article for Refinery29, “By putting the word ‘carefree’ front and center, it’s making a statement that we don’t want to be solely defined by hardships and stereotypes so we can enjoy our lives as we please.”

Rihanna has centered her entire career around that premise. 

RiRi doesn't allow anyone to dictate what music she makes, how she wears her hair, or what comes out of her mouth. It's been inspirational to see a Black woman be unapologetically herself and not let society force certain labels on her. 

As a prime example of the "CFBG" movement, we're honoring all the times she's wowed us with her carefree mentality.


When she wore a sheer, Swarovski crystal-covered dress to the CFDA awards.


Or when she had her hair in a Doobie wrap for the 2013 American Music Awards.


When she dressed up in a bejeweled costume for Crop Over Festival in Barbados.


When she was fiercely blunt about her love life to a nosy reporter.


When she fabulously walked around NYC wearing a furry heart-shaped jacket.


And she didn't let romance rumors stop her from grinding all up on Drake.


When she killed it wearing bantu knots at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards.


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Or when she rocked dreadlocks for her role in "Ocean's Eight."

clocked. in. #O8

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When she boldly posed nude for Esquire UK.

#ESQUIREuk #ukNavy shot by my besty #EllenVonUnwerth

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Or when she totally let loose during her dancehall VMA performance.


When she sang about her BDSM fantasies in her "S&M" music video.


When she participated in a paint fight during the Foreday Morning Jump Up party in Barbados.


When posed in the snow wearing nothing but a bathing suit.

#mountainlife #cabinlife

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And who could forget Rihanna doing her OWN model walk at the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?

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When she told off paparazzi after they tried to ask her for free tickets.

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When she let loose on a stripper pole for her "Pour It Up" music video.

Uhh huh...

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Or when she flashed a whole entire soccer stadium at the 2014 World Cup.


When she celebrated 4/20 by having her own weed cake.

photo: Rihanna

And proved no one is a match for her twerking skills.


And this... this is probably carefree RiRi at her finest.