Ever since Rihanna's first early 2000s bop "Pon de Replay," fans have been dying to party with the Barbados-born singer

Late-night talk show host Seth Meyers features a segment on his show where he gets day drunk, plays games, and interviews guests. His latest guest was Rihanna, and the two could not stop laughing they were having so much fun. 

Rihanna recently made headlines as Forbes' wealthiest woman in music, plus she linked up with luxury French fashion house LVMH as the first black woman creating an original line. She's sticking up for what is important to her, though, and continues to feature body positivity and inclusivity in her work. 

With all that "work, work, work, work, work," she took some time to party it up with the late-night host, and honestly, I'm so jealous. 

The artist shared a sneak peek at the video and called herself and Meyers "disasters," but all I see are two winners. 

The entrepreneur tweeted, "not funny @sethmeyers.... make sure you do not miss this episode TONIGHT starring 2 complete disasters....on @latenightseth," ahead of the show. Seth opened up the segment taking a shot and chugging a beer, which Rihanna quickly followed suit. The two toasted, and Rih-Rih had to correct the host's technique and said, "Look at me... in the eyes," a customary polite gesture when getting wasted with someone. 

The late-night host was so adorably (and understandably) excited to a) have her on the show, and b) get drunk with the multimillionaire. 

Meyers posted a blurry picture to Instagram that the artist had taken after the many, many shots. "Tonight it happens - DAY DRINKING WITH RIHANNA. I’d show you a picture of her but I know what you really want to see is this picture SHE took of ME at the end of the day. #LiveYourLife." 

He shared another picture with the star and wrote, "So, outside of marriage and kids the greatest moment of my life will air tomorrow, DAY DRINKING WITH RIHANNA!!!"

At one point in the video, the two share words of advice, and Rihanna's is a little NSFW. 

Rihanna asks Meyers' advice about potentially quitting music and what she could do instead. "Well, I feel like you have a lot of lines of business right now...," he replied. It's true — with her makeup, fashion, lingerie, and new music on the way, the business woman shouldn't be too concerned about a lack of business endeavors. 

When it was time to switch spots, Rihanna gave Seth some advice for wooing his wife. "I want to, like, blow my wife away with a romantic night out, what do I do?" he asked. "You said it," she replied with a knowing look, Meyers chuckled, and she continued, "Blow your wife away." Meyers cracked up and, shocked, said, "This is a network television show!"

Meyers practiced his "best" pickup lines on the musician, and genuinely got tongue-tied, but could you blame him? 

If Rihanna produced that epic of a hair flip in front of you, I guarantee you'd be at a loss for words, too. After striking out with his first pickup line fail, he approached the Fenty CEO, who delivered an impeccable hair flip with her gorgeous new red box braids. He stumbled over his next line, and the two burst out laughing. But it didn't stop him from attempting a few more. 

She was utterly unamused by most of Meyers attempts. 

Meyers, a happily married man, was obviously kidding with these lines, but one particular saying was too much for the musician. She rolled her eyes, sarcastically, when he made quite possibly the worst attempt of all time, "What's a nice boy like me doing without his parents?" Little did she know the most cringe-worthy pickup line was yet to come.

In the pickup line sketch, Meyers hilariously roasted Rihanna's part in the 2012 flop movie Battleship

The last of Meyers' lines sent the singer walking away. "Excuse me, are you the girl from Battleship?" Meyers laughed. "Jesus, alright, that's where I leave. I'm out. I'm done," the sometimes-actor quipped. Unfortunately, the movie based on the board game of the same name tanked when it came out in theaters in 2012. No hard feelings, though; Rihanna went on to star in a few more successful films like Ocean's Eight and Guava Island. 

Another highlight of the video was the drunk makeover that Rihanna attempted on Meyers using Fenty beauty products.

While normally Rihanna is highly composed and flawless at applying makeup, this attempt came after numerous shots and mystery drinks. "I would love if right now if you could give me a summer eye," Meyers requested. She laughed and applied a bright blue look that she compared with the 2009 movie Avatar. "Sksks Rihanna doing Seth’s make up drunk," one fan posted with crying emojis on Twitter. 

Watch the video in all 12 minutes of its glory here. 

From taking multiple shots of tequila to drinking it out of a smashed chocolate bunny, it was clear that things got pretty rowdy during this segment. Meyers lost a drinking game in which Rihanna had to guess where she wore some of her most notorious outfits, and created drinks inspired by her songs. Plus, there is a great conclusion with Meyers hilariously dancing and singing to "Work." Rihanna, who claims she's shy, was dancing right along with him.