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Before Rihanna was a makeup mogul and lingerie designer, she was a music icon who — once upon a time — dropped a new album nearly every year and gave us a nonstop supply of party songs and breakup anthems. 

Unfortunately, those days are long gone. It's been more than three years since RiRi dropped her last album, Anti, on January 28, 2016. Although watching Rihanna evolve into an empire-running businesswoman has been amazing, all of those other endeavors and projects have taken time away from her music. And fans are getting a bit restless.

But it looks like the wait may be over soon. Earlier this week, everyone's favorite bad gal shared a rather curious snapshot on Instagram. In the photo, we see the baby of Jenn Rosales (one of Rihanna's closest friends) wearing headphones, and — guess what? — she's in a recording studio! Which, of course, can only mean one thing ... right?

Attention: This is not a drill. I repeat: This is not a drill.

It appears that the one and only Rihanna is about to drop some new music. Her last album, Anti, came out in January 2016, which means it's already been more than three years since she's blessed us with her magical musicality. And I don't know about you, but three years is way too long of a wait.

How do we know? Behold, exhibit A:

What does this insanely cute baby have to do with anything, you ask? Well, for starters, that's not just any cute baby. That's the baby of Jenn Rosales, one of Rihanna's BFFs. And what do you know, she's wearing headphones and is in the middle of a recording studio! Rih wrote in the caption: "thank you @jennnrosales and @the_aa for blessing my day a lil mo." 

And just like that, Rihanna got everyone talking.

Obviously, we're assuming that Rosales and her family paid a visit to RiRi in the studio where, presumably, she was working on some kind of new music. I mean, does Rihanna usually hang out in recording studios during her free time? She definitely has better things to do, so we're going to go ahead and choose to believe that she's in the middle of making her next masterpiece. 

But then Rosales went one step further. 

She, too, shared the same too-precious-for-words photo of her son on Insta. Except in her post, Rosales made it clear as day that we'll be getting some new RiRi bangers in the near future. "When tia @badgalriri gives you the first listen," she wrote alongside a sunglasses-wearing emoji. She then added the hashtag #newmusica, which says all you need to know right there.

With the news essentially confirmed, the internet simply couldn't take it.

The general reaction to the news? Pure pandemonium. "Queen Rih in the studio!!" one fan commented on Instagram. "We're ready mami." 

Another fan summed up how everyone's feelings perfectly: "Is this a studio..... Ohhhhh.... Girl stop playing... Stop playing.... The wait wait is over over????" WE NEED ANSWERS, RIH.

Something like this has already happened before.

Back in November, RiRi caused a similar commotion when she shared this silent video of her dancing in a studio to her Insta Stories. Many fans speculated that she was vibing to a new song off her next album. Of course, no one has any real proof of that, but it's nice to daydream every once in a while!

Hopefully, the first single drops just in time for summer.

After all, Rihanna is the reigning queen of warm weather beats. From her first single, "Pon de Replay," to classic RiRi hits like "Don't Stop the Music" and "Only Girl," to some of her more recent faves like "Work" and "B**** Better Have My Money," she has truly given the world the ultimate summertime soundtrack.

One person really had the audacity to ask this question.

"Has Rihanna surpassed the anticipation/hype phase? Or does she still have some time before people stop caring for her new music?" they asked on Twitter. 

One fan's response? "She's in high demand rn. I don't think it'll ever get to the point that people stop caring about her." I am in 100 percent agreement with that. Stop caring about RiRi?! NEVER.

The question is now: How much longer must we be tortured like this?!

Last May, Vogue revealed that the upcoming album would have reggae influences and be inspired by Bob Marley. Then last July, Rolling Stone reported that Rih has up to "500 records" all ready to go for the reggae album in question. Personally, I would like to go ahead and order ALL OF THOSE songs, please and thank you.

This summarizes everything perfectly.

Back in October, Rih shared this gem on her Insta: "I feel attacked. ***valley girl who’s never been attacked voice*** R9 chronicles," she wrote in the caption. Considering it's been a few months since this post, and based on the recent confirmation we got from Rosales, hopefully we'll be getting that highly anticipated album drop any day now.