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Rihanna doesn't mess around when it comes to her money, and this situation is no different. It is being reported that Rihanna is suing her father over "unauthorized solicitation." TMZ obtained the lawsuit that says that in 2017, Rihanna's dad, Ronald Fenty, started a company called "Fenty Entertainment." But by this time, Rihanna had already trademarked "Fenty" for her own use. It also says that Ronald is using Rihanna's name and reputation to get his business off the ground. 

Rihanna is protecting her assets. 

The songstress who's taken the makeup and lingerie industries by storm is now suing her father over what's called "unauthorized solicitation." That basically means he illegally tried to use her for his business deals. 

Ronald Fenty has been using her name for his business deals. 

I'm sure being Rihanna's dad has some perks. But Rihanna's lawsuit says he's taking it too far. According to TMZ, the lawsuit claims that Ronald Fenty started a talent development company that he named "Fenty Entertainment" in 2017. Since Rihanna has already used Fenty in her own businesses like Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty, she claims that he's using her reputation and her name to launch his own ventures. 

The lawsuit goes on to say that Ronald Fenty and one of his business partners lied and said that he was representing her and tried to book her for shows that she and her record label knew nothing about. 

It looks like he's using Rihanna for a lot of money. 

Pitchfork quoted the lawsuit as saying "used these lies in a fraudulent effort to solicit millions of dollars from unsuspecting third parties in exchange for the false promise that they were authorized to act on Rihanna’s behalf...."

As of right now, a website for Fenty Entertainment is still live with a link letting people submit media to it. Other than that, there doesn't look to be much else. 

And it looks like he wasn't planning to stop. 

Apparently, Rihanna was forced into taking more drastic legal action. She has been sending her dad cease and desist letters for a while, and he's ignored them. Both parties named in the lawsuit have yet to speak about it. 

Some people don't know this can even work. 

His name is Ronald Fenty and he never sued her for using his name. How can Rihanna sue her father over this? It basically has to do with legalities. Rihanna trademarked her last name a while back. Now that her father is trying to use her last name to profit off of her and use the name she trademarked, it's a legal issue. It's been reported that Ronald Fenty tried to trademark the name himself but couldn't because Rihanna had already done it. 

Fans seem to be on RiRi's side. 

That's exactly what we thought. She's just doing what's right for her business. And honestly, no one told him to use her name to get ahead. 

This fan saw Ronald Fenty as someone who would exploit their own daughter to get ahead. They even said that he will continue to "steal" from Rihanna as long as he can benefit from it. 

This fan is completely on Rihanna's side. Not only does this affect Rihanna and her business deals, but it also looks like her dad is using her name to take money from other people under the guise that she is involved.

Why would he even do this?

You can never be too sure what's going on in someone else's mind. If he did receive those cease and desist letters, he could have easily chosen another name for his business ventures. Maybe he and Rihanna could have gone into business together. Who knows? 

Rihanna has been known to look out for her family. Like that tweet said, he could have and may very well be living comfortably because of her. Remember a few years ago when Rihanna took her mom to the house she bought for her? That could be her dad, but he's playing games. 

But we all know Rihanna's always been about her money. 

We can't say that we foresaw Rihanna suing her father, but she's always been about her money. Some of her biggest hits are about money. 

Let us know what you think.

Would you sue your father, mother, uncle? Would you try to forgive and forget?