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November 1999: Crowe gets into a fight outside of a nightclub in Coffs Harbour, Australia.

photo: Splash News

According to Entertainment Weekly, the scuffle was caught on security cameras and aired on Australian television. Malcolm Mercer and Philip Cropper, both 38, allegedly used the tape to blackmail Crowe into giving them money. Later on, an Australian judge threw out the case due to a lack of evidence against the defendants.

February 24, 2002: Crowe’s acceptance speech gets cut at the BAFTAs, leading to an argument with producer Malcolm Gerrie.

photo: Mario Anzuoni/Splash News

After winning the Best Actor trophy for "A Beautiful Mind," a part of Crowe’s acceptance speech was edited at the 2002 BAFTA awards to fit into the BBC’s delayed broadcast. The part that was cut ended up being a tribute poem to actor Richard Harris, who at the time was terminally ill. The Independent reports that Crowe cornered Gerrie in a storeroom and verbally attacked him during a post-show party.

According to BBC, Crowe later apologized for being "overbearing" and using "strong language." He offered to buy Gerrie a drink the next time he was in the UK and even spoke to Gerrie's 12-year-old son, who had been receiving unwarranted media attention because of the incident. 

November 13, 2002: Crowe argues with the owner of the New Zealand Warriors rugby team, Eric Watson, at a London restaurant.

photo: Mario Anzuoni/©Splash News

Police were called to an alleged brawl at Zuma restaurant in London. The Sun reported that Crowe and Watson began arguing in the bathroom, which led to them physically fighting. The fight eventually moved to the bar area, and was then broken up by former "EastEnders" star Ross Kemp. An onlooker claimed that Crowe was apparently throwing plates "like something out of the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding.'"

"Police were called at 0042 GMT on 13 November to reports of an altercation involving two men believed to be in their 30s," a Metropolitan Police spokeswoman told BBC News Online. "No allegations of a crime were received, there were no injuries and there will be no further police action."

August 2004: Crowe fights his bodyguard Mark "Spud" Carroll on the set of "Cinderella Man."

photo: Mario Anzuoni / Splash News

According to BBC News Online, the altercation took place at a party on the set of "Cinderella Man." Crowe got upset when he thought Carroll was insinuating that something was going on between him and a female extra he had been talking to at the party. Crowe, being a married man, was offended by the accusations.

Crowe later wrote a letter to The Sunday Herald Sun saying, "The misunderstanding arose when Spud came over to tell me what he thought other people in the room might have been thinking of my conversation. Spud was passing on other people's 'perceptions' and I shot the messenger."

He continued, "It doesn't surprise me that I'm overly sensitive to gossip and speculation and heartily sick of other people's 'perceptions.'"

Carroll also discussed the situation in a separate letter to The Sunday Herald Sun. "He did take a nip at my chest — I was trying to smother him at the time, so I can understand the move," he wrote. "As for calling it a fight, believe me, we have done much more damage to each other playing touch footy." 

June 2005: Crowe throws a hotel telephone and hits a hotel employee in the face.

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The actor was charged and arrested in New York City for throwing a hotel phone at the Mercer Hotel's concierge. According to CNN, Crowe was booked into the First Precinct, while the victim was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital. 

"This arose because he was trying to get his wife on the phone in Australia. He was in his room. He couldn't get a line and there was a disagreement," Crowe's lawyer, Gerald Lefcourt, told reporters, according to The Associated Press.

CBS News reports that he eventually pleaded guilty to third degree assault, paid a fine of $160, and reportedly paid the desk clerk a $100,000 settlement to avoid a civil lawsuit.

October 15, 2016: Crowe allegedly assaults Banks at a hotel.

photo: Celebrity Monitor / Splash News

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