photo: Reuters

While most of the world labors under the delusion that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are madly in love (when he isn't publicly shredding her, y'know), we've uncovered the true object of Reynolds' affections: Hugh Jackman. 

These two lovebirds have been hiding in such plain sight, it's almost embarrassing more of us haven't caught on by now. So regularly do they flaunt their super special regard for each other, that we think it's high time these two brought the true nature of their "bromance" to light. Because if love really does conquer all, imagine the feats Wolverine and Deadpool could achieve together!

Here are 13 times Reynolds assured us of his deep passion for Jackman (and vice versa):


When Reynolds revealed his fondness for stroking Jackman's "soft" fur.


When he proudly retweeted Jackman's above-and-beyond birthday present.

Gifting an ice sculpture of yourself to your loved one — how romantic! Definitely the modern equivalent of trading locks of hair.


When he assured a jealous Jackman of his fidelity.

"Oh, Conan? He means nothing to me, honey, I swear!"


When he said he wanted to inject Jackman into his face.

We can't make this stuff up, people.


When he retweeted this super artsy shot of his hubby on the 19th of October.



When he revealed a cameo he made in Jackman's new movie posters.



When he reminded us that some people (read: Jackman) are worth melting for.


When he called Jackman "gorgeous" and complimented his "advantageous bone structure" in this interview.

To which Jackman referenced Reynold's Sexiest Man Alive win in 2010. And the sexual tension in this tiny room is clearly sky-high.


When he surprised Jackman in this SUPER romantic way.

Stalking is a sure sign of deeply felt passion, right? *Goes back to reading 'Twilight.'*


When he retweeted/loved the shit out of this Wolverine/Deadpool fanart.


When he ~*adorably*~ impersonated Jackman, in full "Deadpool" makeup.


When he gave this super sweet shoutout on his beloved's national holiday.


And when he snuck over to Jackman's house and surprised him with a private "Deadpool" screening.

And, uh, maybe drugged him? Here's hoping they went to couples counseling for this one.