photo: Richard Buxo / Splash News

Ryan Reynolds may be painfully good looking and wildly talented, but that doesn't stop him from taking himself too seriously. When it comes to his personal life he doesn't hold back, frequently roasting his own wife Blake Lively and his daughter James. But his best digs are when his number one target is himself. 

And just incase you didn't love him and his brand of humor enough, here are a few hilarious times Reynolds roasted himself better than any other comedian could: 


When he got his twin brother (aka himself) to roast him during an interview.

Who else would make up a fake brother to throw shade at themselves?


When he made fun of his dorky Zach Morris-inspired hairstyle.


...And insulted his own abilities in the bedroom.


When he admitted to painting a mural of his one true love, Zayn Malik.


When he recalled being laughed at by a busload of children.


When he used Deadpool as a way to throw shade at his portrayal of the Green Lantern.

photo: 21st Century Fox

We're actually going to agree with him on this one. 


When he proved that he's incapable of building a baby crib.


When he made us all realize that he tells really corny dad-jokes.


When he starred in his own version of "The Notebook" and made out with Conan O'Brien.

Who needs Blake Lively when you have a beautiful redhead like Conan O'Brien?


And came clean about watching himself.


Please never change, Reynolds.

photo: Walt Disney Studios