Sarah Hyland slayed the Emmys with a PSL-inspired gown, killer contour, and beautiful loose waves. She also happened to be wearing Spanx, which peeked through a cutout placed over her abs.

Despite the peek-a-Spanx, she looked stunning as always.

Sarah Hyland Spanx
photo: Splash

It's common practice to wear body-shaping underwear like Spanx underneath your gown for an event or award show, regardless of your size. 

Despite being "caught" with Spanx, Hyland had a good attitude about it.

Yaaaas girl, own that Spanx!

Commenters came to her aid real quick, all telling her the same thing: She doesn't "need" Spanx because she's already thin.

While most of the comments do come from a good place and are praising Hyland for having a strong figure, they also foster the idea that a certain kind of body doesn't "need" to wear Spanx — and another kind of body does. Those comments suggest that only people who look a certain way, be it curvy, plus-size, what-have-you, need to wear body-shaping underwear.

While we're sure the commenters thought they were complimenting Hyland on what we assume is rigorous training, they also created an unneccesary divide between those who "should" be hiding belly lines, and those who shouldn't.

Reminder: Think twice before you comment.