Sex and the city
photo: HBO

I think we can all agree that when it comes to Sex and the City characters, Samantha is arguably the most full of personality. However, that unapologetic, take-no-crap attitude will be missing when the reboot of the beloved show begins filming later this year. Fans aren't happy, but that's not taking away from the anticipation. 

That long-awaited Sex and the City reboot is on the way. 

It's not another movie that's on the way, it's a series titled And Just Like That with 10, 30-minute episodes following the lives of Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, and Miranda Hobbes. 

"Anything is possible," Kristin Davis, who plays Charlotte, tweeted. "The story continues! @AndJustLikeThat. Coming to@hbomax."

But as you've probably noticed, Samantha, played by Kim Cattrall, isn't included in the cast. 

After what's allegedly a long-standing feud with Cattrall and cast members, she won't be a part of the show. And let's just say, fans aren't happy. "Sex and the City doing a new series without Samantha is like Destiny’s Child making a comeback without Beyoncé," someone tweeted. 

Most are worried that the sexual themes of the show will be lost. 

"The show doesn't work without Samantha," another Samantha fan said. "I mean, even the E! reruns of SATC were awful, because they censor half of Sam's slutty stories (and weirdly, Miranda's dialogue, too, since she curses constantly). The only solution is to recast with Dick Sargent."

But all the excitement isn't completely gone. 

"Yes satc is gonna be different without samantha, but can we also remember that the cast had a huge falling out and for 3 of them to return and give us this is f*cking amazing," someone said in awe that the show is even happening. 

And the general consensus seems that while many may not be happy, they're going to be sure to watch it anyway. 

"Now, SATC without Samantha is ASS but I’m not gon sit up here and act like I’m not gonna binge the last season, along with being front and center the day it launches," a fan tweeted. "Let’s not get crazy."