Selena Gomez is stepping out of Hot Girl Summer and into the fall season with a brand-new cut. 

The former Disney star's shoulder-length tresses have been chopped to a blunt chin length, and the result is downright adorable. The pop star has reportedly been working on new music set to debut soon; her latest album was a solid four years ago with Revival

Gomez debuted the tiny bob in a photo with her friend and roomie for the summer while on a hike. The singer has kept a relatively low profile and spent time focusing on herself, having fun with friends. But it wasn't all fun and games — she starred in a new movie and filed a trademark for a new cosmetics brand.

She had a shoulder-length bob all through summer. 

Gomez sported this trendy 'do with natural waves for the majority of the summer. The superstar is known for letting her lion's mane hang thick and curly, and usually pretty long. So her latest change is a drastic one. 

The 27-year-old definitely won't be able to put her hair into this cute lil' bun anymore. 

Gomez had pals living with her all summer, like her friend Anna Collins, who shared this adorable photo of the duo hanging with their pups. Gomez's long bob is pulled back into a low bun that is darn near impossible with her latest hair change. But who would want to pull back a bob as cute as the one Gomez now has? 

But now that it's fall, the pop star has debuted a shorter new look. 

The new season is upon us, which means it's time for a big change. And for Gomez that means new living situations as well as this blunt chop. "After a whole summer of being roommates, Anna, Fox, and Freddy have gone home and I’m missing them already. I get to live life with the best people. I’m pretty freaking lucky," the star wrote. 

It's been seven years since the last episode of Wizards of Waverly Place, but Gomez will always be Alex Russo to her fans. 

One fan pointed out that this isn't the first time that the former Disney star rocked a short bob. During her time as Alex Russo, Gomez donned just about every hairstyle under the sun. This Twitter user is on a mission to pinpoint every one: "Every time Selena Gomez changes her hair, I try to find an Alex Russo haircut to match."