Madam CJ Walker documentary
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As we spend the vast majority of our time at home, most of us are looking for that next best thing to binge on Netflix. We're here to let you know that the next time you're scrolling aimlessly, Self Made should be at the top of your list. The inspiring story of Madam C.J. Walker, America's first female self-made millionaire, is proving to be a hit for viewers and a history lesson for the masses. 

Ahead, check out the overwhelming reactions that will have you rushing to your TVs.

The long-anticipated Netflix miniseries Self Made is finally streaming.

The story of Sarah Breedlove, who went on to become Madam C.J. Walker, the first woman self-made millionaire, is portrayed by Octavia Spencer in the Netflix docuseries that's garnered tons of buzz. The empowering story of the child of slaves is one told far and wide since Breedlove's death in 1919. On March 20, the docuseries made its way to streaming, much to the excitement of history lovers everywhere.

Needless to say, everyone is inspired by the story.

"#SelfMadeNetflix Gives you that extra push as a black woman to chase your dreams by any means necessary," someone tweeted in response to the series. "Shoutout to Madam CJ Walker and all the revolutionary women that have paved the way!"

And it serves as a message of the intense sexism that Breedlove faced throughout her journey. 

Many were surprised to learn that Booker T. Washington was one of her greatest critics. "Did Booker T. Washington really tell Madam CJ Walker she (and BW) needed to stay in her place (the kitchen) and let Black Men be uplifted first?" someone tweeted in disgust of the revelation. "I wouldn’t be surprised #SelfMadeNetflix"

LeBron James was one of the producers of the film.

He expressed his pride of being part of such a project on Twitter. "I turned and looked at the TV and she was watching #SelfMadeNetflix Madam C.J. Walker story!" he wrote. "We both shared a giant smile to each other and I said thank you mama,@SpringHillEnt."

There are many layers explored throughout the film.

"#SelfMadeNetflix demonstrated so accurately all the layers of challenges leveled at dark skinned black women," a fan of the film wrote. "First overcome your own condition and the system put in place to keep you down, then colourism, then sexism. Haven't gotten to the final boss yet: racism."

And while there are debates about accuracy, the film itself is ever-important.

Some criticize that the film misrepresents certain characters, as well as falsely touches on colorism throughout. "#SelfMadeNetflix was awesome," someone wrote on Twitter. "Glad to see these types of stories make their way to the home screen. Hear [there] could be some opportunities to improve historical accuracy but all in all, I’m glad it was done."

Thank you, Netflix.

Our stories of trial and triumph need to continue to be told. "I feel like Netflix is telling the stories Hollywood has kept away from," someone wrote. "Especially original African American history. I didn't know about some of these stories and they change how we look at ourselves. #SelfMadeNetflix."

Check out Self Made on Netflix, streaming now.