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Sephora and Ulta employees typically take to Reddit to vent their frustrations about customers. Anyone who has ever worked in retail knows how difficult some people can be. The "Sephulta" workers anonymously revealed the most annoying things customers constantly do. 

While some of these things seem pretty basic like common courtesy, other unsanitary actions may leave you squirming and cringing. So the next time you head into your favorite Sephora or Ulta, keep this etiquette in mind. 

Don't boss around your Sephora or Ulta associate. 

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Just because someone is there to help you, doesn't mean you get to be cruel. 

This one is tough because some of us are simply awkward. At least try to say "hi" when an employee greets you. 

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I am sure this rule doesn't apply to people with serious social anxiety issues. 

Opening products you're going to buy away from the register is bad form. 

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It's a matter of courtesy — also you don't want to look like you're stealing. 

Let the real thieves do their dirty work, if you're truly there to shop. 

Ask for help if you need it. That is literally why Sephora and Ulta employs people on the floor. 

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This is bad form, ladies and gentlemen! 

Just, like, try to have manners and some common decency. 

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I say this as someone with a caveman as a father who was always rude to service workers when I was growing up. It's embarrassing for everyone involved. 

Take precautions to be as sanitary as possible. You're dealing with items that will go in the crevices of people's faces and bodies.

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This one is how pink eye gets spread. 

Even Joanne the Scammer has good manners. 

While it's OK to bring kids into a Sephora or Ulta, employees would like the store not to be treated like a playground. 

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Although if my mom brought me to a Sephora when I was a kid, my mind would have been blown. Look at all the pretty colors. 

Don't swatch testers with your fingers or apply lipsticks directly to the lips when there are Q-tips readily available. 

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Remember when that woman sued Sephora after contracting herpes from a lipstick? I do. I'll never forget it. 

Don't use sale products as a tester. To be honest, I understand this qualm because it is essentially stealing. 

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I am flabbergasted that people do this. 

Don't worry: You can never return too many items. 

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Please don't try to scam Sephora, haha. 

Remember Sephora and Ulta employees are just like regular people: some of them are wonderful, and some of them are absolute trash.