Shannon Purser rocketed to stardom after her breakout role as Barb on "Stranger Things." Since then, she's evolved into a powerhouse actress whose talents exceed the viral meme she's known for. Since having stints on teenage hits "Riverdale" and "Sierra Burgess Is A Loser," her gravitas for acting has grown tenfold — as has her style repertoire. 

If you're looking for more plus-size fashion inspo from a fellow curvy girl on your Instagram feed, may we suggest Purser? Her wardrobe is aspirational, cool, young, and fun — we'd say her style sits at the intersection of Urban Outfitters and ModCloth with a dash of Barb, and we dig it.

You might know Shannon Purser best from her role as Barb on "Stranger Things."

Or as the protagonist in Netflix's smash hit romance "Sierra Burgess Is A Loser."

...But did you know that she is also an Instagram style icon?

Purser's wardrobe has that laid-back ~cool girl~ quality that's effortlessly hip.

And she's only 21! Our college-age selves would have died to look this cool at that age.

At the Torrid NYFW show, she wrote she was "happy to see sexy, confident plus-size women slay the runway." Amen!

We love following her on the 'gram because she's a style chameleon. 

One minute she's ModCloth chic ...

... The next she's serving up business-lady realness.

Totally here for this neck scarf. 

And this effortless denim-on-denim look.

That's not an easy thing to pull off.

Her SAG Awards gown was goth wedding dress #goals. 

She even slays in Barb-inspired merch. 

Making a graphic tee look cool is a high art. 

Shannon's a friend of the denim dress trend, and so are we.

Famous people really have nailed the art of dressing down and somehow still looking like a badass.

Pro tip: Every cool-girl wardrobe must include one oversize denim jacket. 

We stan a multifaceted sartorial kween.