Shay Mitchell's relatable pregnancy journey has come to a close, and her time to be a relatable new mom is here. 

The actress has been chronicling her pregnancy in semi-real-time on YouTube in her series Almost Ready. Now that she has given birth to a baby girl, that chapter will end and a new one will begin. It's unclear at this point if she'll continue her series into new motherhood, start a new series, or end the documentary all together. But surely fans can expect at least one more video featuring the last bit of her pregnancy and the delivery of her new baby girl. 

Mitchell and her boyfriend, Matte Babel, have been preparing for months and now seem thrilled to have their daughter home, safe and sound.

Shay Mitchell is a new mom!

"Never letting go …," Mitchell captioned the photo of her holding her newborn daughter's tiny hand. Obviously she got tons of "Congratulations" comments on her post, her fans and friends were very supportive of the new mom. "So happy for you and your beautiful family!" her former costar from Pretty Little Liars, Keegan Allen, wrote. 

Mitchell has been preparing for baby for a long time and documenting the whole process. 

Five episodes into her Almost Ready series, and the baby girl is already here. Plus, Mitchell has been sharing a few Instagram posts and clapping back at any mom-shamers on the app. "Replacing my crop tops with even smaller tops these days …," she wrote on this post of her daughter's new wardrobe.

The latest video in her series related some of her anxieties about possibly having to deliver via C-section, but she ended up being able to avoid it. 

Mitchell was open and honest about the pregnancy process and the highs and lows she experienced. One of the lows was worrying that she'd have to give birth via C-section, because the baby wasn't in the correct position near the end of the pregnancy. Thankfully, the baby ended up turning. 

The last post she shared while pregnant was her dancing along to the viral pregnant trend — the "Baby Mama" dance.

Mitchell jammed to the "Baby Mama" song by Starrkeisha. Many soon-to-be-moms have danced along to the bop just prior to giving birth, in hilarious and celebratory dance videos. Clearly, the last ditch effort to get her daughter moving along worked, because she gave birth less than a month later.