Shay Mitchell is taking some heat (albeit hilarious heat) for posting a very clearly staged sponcon video. Mitchell is a brand ambassador for Biore. 

She recently did a video where she uses the brand's makeup remover to take off her waterproof mascara. Without giving the big reveal away, let's just say it was a massive flop. Fans of the star had some fun roasting her on Twitter. You've got to see this epic fail. 

Mitchell's skin always looks immaculate, so who wouldn't want this lovely human being repping them? 

However, one of Mitchell's videos about Biore's products is facing accusations of being fake. 

In the video, Mitchell uses makeup remover to wipe off her eyeshadow and mascara. She swipes across her eye and shows off the cotton pad with mascara on it, but her eye is still perfectly done? 

In the video, Mitchell is saying it gets rid of her waterproof mascara .... Then she swipes.... Then...

photo: Snapchat / Shay Mitchell

Girl, the eyeshadow and mascara are still there on your face. What did you remove? 

photo: Snapchat / Shay Mitchell

People were losing it. It's just so freaking funny. 

Many speculated that Mitchell didn't even graze her eye with the cotton pad. 

Fans even started making their own funny parody videos. 

The star hasn't commented on the incident, but hopefully she can poke fun at herself. After all, magic's in the makeup!