Shay Mitchell's pregnancy, for a time, was one of the best-kept secrets of 2019. Now that the secret's out, the 32-year-old star who's six months pregnant is giving the world an inside peek at her journey with a new YouTube series. Yesterday, she released the first video, and it was darker than fans expected.

She tearfully recounted her emotional miscarriage from last year and how the experience made her feel, in her own words, broken. Watch the heartbreaking video ahead and read some of the outpouring of support that's followed. 

Shay Mitchell is having a baby, and she's taking us along for the ride. 

In a new series called "Almost Ready," the actress is documenting her pregnancy from the moment she found out to the day she revealed it to the world. The personal series is described as the place where Shay’s public and private lives collide; she works hard to strike a balance between the life she knows and the one rushing toward her.

In the first video, titled "Keeping Her Secret," she discussed her miscarriage that occured in 2018, and it has fans emotional.  

“It didn’t go as I had hoped for and it was extremely difficult," she described the experience. "The first time that I was pregnant last year, Matte and I hadn’t been planning. But it happened and we were really excited about it. I was like 14 weeks, at that point, I had no idea... the percentage of miscarriages. When it happened, I was just completely blindsided by it.”

It's something she'll never forget. “I still have those photos on my phone and I still have all the doctor visits," she continued. "And it’s weird because I haven’t looked at them, obviously, but it’s not like I forgot about that happening. So of course I’m super happy, but I still feel for the one that I lost. I know other women and other friends of mine who’ve gone through a way harder journey. It’s just really tough because you feel broken, as a woman, and that’s not a great feeling.”

The outpouring of support was unreal, and women began to share their own experiences. 

"Thank you for sharing your miscarriage story. It is heart breaking and you'll never forget the baby. My first pregnancy was great no problem healthy boy then my second pregnancy I lost the baby and it's was devastating than I got pregnant 5 months later and it was the most terrifying thing in my life all I could think about was what had happend. But we made it through and now i have a healthy baby girl," someone commented under the video. 

The realness is something we're not always used to seeing in Hollywood. 

"This is so raw and so real. Thank you for your vulnerability. I cannot wait to cheer you and Matt on as little one is welcomed into this world. You are already such an amazing mom," another commented.  

Mitchell also shared that her boyfriend, Matte, didn't seem as excited as she was. 

"I’m so happy for you both. It’s not easy sharing such an intimate part of your life after such a heartbreak. Now you have soo many people to support you and go on this journey with you. Matt will be great, most dads don’t really come into their own until the baby comes so that’s normal. Can’t wait to see more of your journey," a fan wrote to assure her that he will be more comfortable once the baby arrives.

Another commenter who miscarried twins said she felt Mitchell's pain. 

"It takes a lot to allow yourself to be vulnerable with the world, especially after your first miscarriage," she wrote in the video comments. "I miscarried my twins last year and a few months later found out I was pregnant (currently pregnant) I did not want to say a word about it to anyone because I was so scared that it would happen again. You are definitely right about it taking a toll and you not being able to be yourself because it’s like you isolate yourself from everyone."

The video was a real tearjerker. 

"Wow hunnnyyyy you got me crying at 4 in the morning. Just went through a rough 2nd pregnancy but God willing now she is flourishing so beautifully. Also her older brother loves her. To get here tho was a long road but shes now 10 months and thriving!! You are not alone mamas!!! Us other 4billion women not in the public eye we got your back babe!! Much love and Peace to all of you going forward!!" a fan wrote. 

Just goes to show that simply sharing your own experiences can really, really help other people. Mitchell's video series is already proving to be an important resource for pregnant women and new mothers.